Bigg Boss 13 Eviction Elimination today in Weekend Ka Vaar – who will be out from BB HOUSE 2019

By | April 16, 2019

Bigg Boss 13 Eviction Elimination today – who will be out from BB HOUSE 2019

You can check here bigg boss 13 eviction today we wil update on this page bigg boss 2019 eviction list,
salman khan will be announced  bigg boss 13 eviction process tonight this week . bb team already got result from bigg boss 13 eviction poll  this weekend,

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in this post we will talk about who’s out from Bigg Boss house this week Who will be evicted today on bb colors The best episode on Bigg Boss is the day of Eviction, Yes. We all want to know Bigg Boss 12 Eviction Today, Who is in danger of elimination today and much more.Know about Bigg Boss 12 Elimination, Bigg Boss Season 12 Nominations, BB12 Eviction, Bigg Boss Elimination This Week, Elimination This Sunday, Bigg Boss 12 Eliminated Contestant.

In Bigg Boss 12 September 29 Weekend Ka Vaar :- And we just heard host Salman Khan saying in the precap video of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ that it’s going to be double eviction this week. Remember last week he had left everyone overjoyed by announcing no elimination was to take place then!

सलमान ने पहले करणवीर का नाम लिया लेकिन थोड़ी देर बाद पता चला कि घर से करणवीर नहीं बल्कि कृति और रोशनी की जोड़ी बाहर हो गई है। कृति और रोशनी इस सीज़न घर से बाहर होने वाले पहले प्रतियोगी बने हैं।

Roshmi and kriti evicted

Bigg Boss 12 September 30 Weekend Ka Vaar :-

Romil Choudhary has been gaining a lot of attention with his aggressive behaviour lately and he also got in a fight with Sreesanth too. Well, the online buzz says that these two were given an option to choose only one person to stay and they obviously decided upon Romil staying back inside the house.

Hearing Salman Khan talking about the Double Eviction in the precap video, everyone must’ve thought it would result in the eviction of a jodi together. Now this twist as per online information, if true, will leave audience surprised.

Nirmal singh Evicted

Bigg Boss 12 3rd week Eviction

In Bigg Boss 12 7th October Weekend Ka Vaar :- there are no eviction this week … in a twist task… salman said Anup Jasleen is evicted so… please take a decision who will be want to out from bb house… so Anup is ready …

but Anup will not go home…. he will be in secret room for 1 week… let’s see what happen in this week

Bigg Boss 12 4th week Eviction

In Bigg Boss 12 14th October Weekend Ka Vaar :- neha pendse evicted this week…. and anup & sreesanth back to home from secret house


Bigg Boss 12 5th week Eviction

In Bigg Boss 12 20th October Weekend Ka Vaar :-

9:58 pm: Who will get evicted?

Salman announces that the eviction will take place in tomorrow’s episode and not today.

9:50 pm: Sreesanth is not happy

Sreesanth is not happy that Surbhi did not end up in the torture room. He further says that there is nothing torturous in the punishment. Jasleen joins him in the rant.

9:47 pm: Who is the biggest Gunehgaar?

Majority vote for Surbhi and Jasleen. Salman calls Surbhi forward to the torture room. Surbhi politely says that she cannot go through the punishment as she is a vegetarian. Romil takes her place. The punishment included a dead fish hitting his places for a set period of time.

9:37 pm: Srishty are safe!

The next housemate who is saved from eviction is Srishty.

9:33 pm: Caller of the week

The caller of the week asks Jasleen what her plan or strategy is. He also questions as to how she can take up a leadership role when she does not stand up for herself. Jasleen answers that she has no strategy and that she has learnt from her mistakes.

9:32 pm: Eviction nominations

Salman pulls Karanvir’s leg before revealing that he is safe.

9:30 pm: Arguments, arguments

All the housemates get into an argument, especially against Jasleen for fabricating such a story.

9:27 pm: ‘Surbhi should leave the house’

Anup is not happy with Surbhi’s aggressive behaviour and says that no only should she be in the Kaalkothri, but should leave the house. She retaliates, saying that she does not like it when he backbites other housemates even though he is the most senior out of them all.

9:25 pm: Surbhi is innocent

Salman reveals that Surbhi did not smoke in the bathroom. Romil adds that no one should accuse anyone unless they have seen them doing the deed with their own eyes. On hearing this, Surbhi gets emotional and thanks Salman.

9:21 pm: Why do you support Sreesanth, but not Surbhi?

Salman questions as to why housemates run to calm Sreesanth down but immediately go against Surbhi when she is angry. Jasleen answers, saying that even if Sreesanth is angry, he will only direct his insults to that housemate, but when Surbhi gets angry, she attacks everyone.

9:19 pm: ‘This is just a strategy’

Surbhi feels that this is just a strategy as what he did after leaving the treadmill does not justify the pain he is complaining about.

9:18 pm: ‘It takes me 15 minutes to just start my routine’

Sreesanth adds that it takes him 15 minutes to start his daily routine post his surgery in 2012. He believes that there is a fine line between foolishness and committing to a task.

9:17 pm: ‘Ýou used to play for India?’

Sreesanth has no comments towards what Surbhi said. Salman advises him to not give up as his image of being a former Indian cricketer will get tarnished.

9:14 pm: ‘It is all a drama’

Surbhi interrupts Sreesanth, saying that it is all an excuse. She feels that he did not want to do the task and got triggered by Romil’s comment. She also feels that he is attention-seeking and pretentious towards Dipika.

9:12 pm: ‘Why did you quit?’

The host asks Sreesanth why he abandoned the Ghoda Gaadi task. Sreesanth reveals that he has had 12 surgeries in his feet and was told not to run on the treadmill by his doctor.

9:10 pm: ‘Ýou did not listen to Saba’

Salman talks about the captaincy task and appreciates both Deepak’s and Shivashish’s efforts. But he also mentions that it was Deepak’s mistake for not listening to Saba Khan and that mistake cost him the captaincy.

9:08 pm: Salman picks on housemates

Salman picks on Romil for his secret. He moves on to Anup, saying that is the mature face of the season.

9:06 pm: ‘I could not sleep after watching that episode’

Salman talks to the housemates and indicates at the episode when secrets of the housemates were shared. He reveals that he was so shocked after watching that episode, that he could not sleep.

9:05 pm: A strategy against Surbhi

Salman reveals that Surbhi never really smoked in the bathroom, but it was in fact a plan to put her in jail.

9:02 pm: Irking the other on

Not all is well in the Kaalkothri as Surbhi has taken it as her mission to irritate Sreesanth. A visibly furious Sreesanth starts to throw away her things such as her toothpaste. In annoyance, Sreesanth mentions that he is paid crores for this and that he does not deserve this. This infuriates Salman.

9:01 pm: Running through events

Salman Khan runs through the week’s events – Jodis breaking up, Sreesanth and Anup’s re-entry and eviction nominations.


In Bigg Boss 12 21st October Weekend Ka Vaar :

10:00 pm: Rohit Suchanti, Megha Dhade enter the house
Rohit Suchanti, Megha Dhade enter the house and the promos show that things are about to get exciting for viewers. Let’s see how tides take turn in this ever unpredictable house of Bigg Boss 12.

9:58 pm: Salman Khan signed off in his usual style
Salman Khan revealed after the break that the show is about to get exciting as two wild card contestants are set to enter the Bigg Boss. He signed off in his usual style.

9:50 pm: Wild card contestants to enter the house
Salman Khan announced that two wild card entries will enter the house. The promos showed how excited the other contestants get on seeing the entry celebration of the wild card contestants.

9:48 pm: Sreesanth called out Dipika for nominating Jasleen for torture room
Sreesanth, Dipika discussed her decision to send Jasleen Mathru to torture room. Sreesanth said that she could have take his or Anup Jalota’s name.

9:46 pm: Saurabh Patel evicted from Bigg Boss house
Romi and sisters Somi and Saba discussed Saurabh’s exit. Saba said that Saurabh deserved to be in the house as he was strong and performed well in the tasks.

9:45: Karanvir gets emotional at Saurabh’s departure.
After being back from the break, Salman Khan announced that Urvashi Vani will stay in the house. Saurabh Patel asked to leave the house for getting the least number of votes. Karanvir got emotional at Saurabh’s departure.

9:33 pm: Salman Khan makes housemates emotional
Salman Khan showed a video of his pet My Love with the housemates. My Love could be heard singing along with Salman Khan in the video as housemates get emotional. He also compared My Love’s singing abilities with Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu.

9:31 pm: Back to the house
Sreesanth discussed Romil’s allegation with other housemate. Sreesanth said to the camera that ‘ek baar bina akhada khade kar do, fir dekho’.

9:29 pm: Romil beats Sreesanth in Sultani Akhada
Sreesanth won the verbal duel round. In the next round, Sreesanth and Romil were asked to stand on each end of a plank and try to disbalance the other one using a prop. Romil won this round and gets a medal and 2 point in the round. Salman also declared him as the winner of Sultani Akhada.

9:27 pm: Sreesanth wins verbal duel round against Romil
Romil began the session by claiming that he will win the game as he never gives up unlike Sreesanth. He also attacked Sreesanth for being a hypocrite in respecting women. He said if other women in the house then Srishty should also be treated in the same way. In the verbal duel, Sreesanth tries to fight it out in his toota-foota Hindi. However, Romil didn’t stop in the attack whereas Sreesanth explained that he is an emotional person. Sreesanth’s behavior is fake and he is doing it to get attention in the show, Romil charged. However, Romil ended up the argument by saying that Sreesanth doesn’t deserve respect.

9:25 pm: Dipika gets upset with Romil
Romil got upset and walked up to Karanvir to talk about Romil. She was upset because Romil changed his clothes in front of her. Karanvir called Romil and questioned his behavior. Dipika said if he (Romil) wanted to change, he could have asked her to leave the room. Romil apologised for making Dipika uncomfortable.

9:24 pm: Sultani Akhada round begins
Salman Khan called in Romil and Sreesanth in the Sultani Akhada for rounds of verbal and physical duel tasks.

9:22 pm: Sreesanth’s wife wins the show
Sreesanth’s wife revealed how she single-handedly took care of all legal aspects and wanted to represent him in the Supreme Court. Salman, impressed with her answers, called her a man of the match in the debate.

9:21 pm: Salman trolls himself
Salman made a cheeky remark about himself when he calls crew to take away the katghara. He said, “Take this away I feel scared looking at it.”

9:20 pm: Sreesanth’s wife defends him
Bhuvneshwari Sreesanth left no stone unturned in her husband’s defend. She brought forth the match-fixing charges against Sreesanth, she said that he is habitual and what he did was instinctive. Her wit and answers amused Salman and Dibang.

9:19 pm: Sreesanth is not playing, living the game, says wife
Dibang alleged that Sreesanth is every emotional and doesn’t act rationally. Sreesanth is very emotional and he is living the game, not playing it, she said. When Salman questioned her about Sreesanth’s language issues, she defended him saying that since Hindi is not his native language, she gives him benefit of doubt.

9:17 pm: Manish Naggpal fails to defend fiance Srishty Rode
Manish aggressively tried to explain that Srishty’s appearance on the show. he defended her against allegations which called her fake and not real in the show so far Manish said that her appearances were less and misunderstood because her confidence has taken a hit. He tried to explain that his fiancé deserves to be on the show

9:15pm: Salman praises Shoaib
Salman praised Shoaib for bravely defending Dipika against all the allegations. Next to come on stage was Manish Naggpal, who is Srishty Rode’s fiancé.

9:13 pm: Husband defends Dipika Kakar
Sreesanth’s wife also jumped into the attack and alleged that it was unfair and unfortunate the way she planned Sreesanth’s elimination. Shoaib clarified that Dipika did that only to help him exit the house as he had expressed in the show.

9:12 pm: ‘Dipika is protestive for people she like’
Manish also said that Dipike shouldn’t have thrown water on Deepak during the task. Shoaib said that she has the ability to convince people and she can bring people in her favour and she has leadership qualities. Shoaib also said that Dipika is fiercely protective towards people she cars for.

9:10 pm: Dipika is manipulative, alleges Sreesanth’s wife
Salman called Shoaib Ibrahim on stage to brave allegations against his wife. Manish accused Dipika of playing the manipulative game.

9:08 pm: Sreesanth’s wife gets emotional
Sreesanth’s wife got emotional on stage when Salman questions how she feels about Surabhi’s increasing attack on Sreesanth.

9:06 pm: Family face-off
Salman invited Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvneshwari, Srishty Rode’s fiancé Manish Naggpal and Bhuvneshwari Sreesanth to defend their partners in tonight’s episode.

9:04 pm: Karanvir’s twins turn two
Karanvir receives a video message from his wife Teejay Sindhu. Karanvir breaks down as his twins tell him that they love and miss him through the video message. Unable to control his emotions, Karanvir breaks down and cries as he misses his children, especially on their second birthday on Sunday.

9:03 pm: Karanvir gets special surprise
Karanvir was sent to a special room by Salman Khan to get a special surprise. Salman signed off to come to the stage while Karanvir was blown over by the surprise he received from the Bigg Boss and Salman on his twin’s second birthday.

9:02 pm: Housemates talk about Sreesanth
Dipika Kakar and Karanvir Vohra discussed Sreesanth’s behavior. In another room, Surabhi asked Romil why he spent time with Sreesanth despite his attitude issues. Housemates were seen discussing Sreesanth’s angry behavior on the show.


In Bigg Boss 12 27th October Weekend Ka Vaar :

9:59 pm: Salman lies to contestants
Salman tells the contestants that he will reveal the name of the evicted contestant tomorrow. But what he doesn’t tell them is that it will be a double eviction, so two, not one, contestant will leave the house tomorrow night. Tune in tomorrow to find out who gets evicted.

9:52 pm: Rohit vs Sreesanth
Jasleen justifies that she didn’t make fun of him. Her comment about him riding a bicycle was not meant to imply anything about his sexual orientation. Surbhi and Romil yell at Sreesanth for his actions. Surbhi says Sreesanth even KV has worn pink today, that doesn’t mean anything. KV, who is in another room, says he never made fun of Rohit.
Salman tells Sreesanth that he made fun of Rohit’s purple shorts and then the next day, he wore purple himself. Rohit says he is straight, and does not swing both ways the way the others were implying.

9:37 pm: Salman reveals what the contestants were actually talking about Rohit behind his back
Everyone was laughing about him, Sreesanth tried to imitate his mannerisms, wonder why he was wearing purple. KV says his gestures were about Srishty’s engagement ring and nothing else. Salman shows a clip where Sreesanth claims in a derogatory manner, ‘Ís purple the new black?’ A fight ensues between Rohit, and Sreesanth and Shivashish.

9:33 pm: Salman discusses captaincy task
Surbhi says Shivashish was biased as a sanchalak and favouring one contestant over the other. He was not keeping an eye on the table and the products. Rohit reveals that Shivashish told him not to feed Megha the chilli and to give it to Deepak instead. Sreesanth joins the group in a fresh set of clothes. Salman asks Sreesanth why they changed their minds about the contestant they supported.
Dipika explains that they didn’t like any of the three contestants who were competing. Jasleen says that Dipika was insecure about Megha entering the kitchen. Surbhi says that Megha’s decision to take over the kitchen irked Dipika. Everyone unanimously says that the person who cooks the best food is actually Somi.

9:26 pm: Sreesanth and Jasleen
Sreesanth cries in the bathroom and Jasleen tries to console him from outside. Deepak comes and also urges him to not cry.

9:24 pm: Dipika apologises to everyone
She says she had not intentionally followed Sreesanth blindfolded, she just wanted him to understand his mistakes. Sreesanth cribs to Shivashish that only he is being pulled up and not Deepak for all that he said.

9:23 pm: Sreesanth gets schooled by Salman
Surbhi says that whenever anyone else makes mistake, it is made into a big issue. But when Sreesanth issues any insult, it is tempered.
Salman says that Sreesanth has a lot of ghamand. But in his attempt to make himself look superior, he is making others look inferior. The only people who win this show stick to whatever happens inside the house and don’t bring in matters from outside the house.
Sreesanth says he is not like this and Salman says he knows Sreesanth personally and that’s why his behaviour is so shocking.

9:18 pm: Dipika tries to walk a fine line between supporting Sreesanth and supporting Salman
Dipika says she is not Sreesanth’s spokesperson, but Salman says that all that is visible and heard is that she is forever trying to console Sreesanth whenever he is upset. He says it is ridiculous to make people who make something of themselves from nothing, as these are the real people.
Sreesanth says he was wrong in saying what he did, but he said it in anger and everyone issues dirty insults.
Everyone yells and says Sreesanth always gives lots of insults. Salman says he is aware as he has seen footage of him giving insults.
Surbhi says it matters when people realise their mistakes and say sorry from their hearts and not repeat the mistake, but it is obvious that Sreesanth’s apology is not from his heart.

9:13 pm: Salman welcomes Rohit and Megha, brings in the khalnayak kursi
Salman asks whom the contestants would want to see in the kursi. The contestants are divided between Sreesanth and Deepak mainly. But Salman says Sreesanth should sit on the khalnayak kursi. He asks how come Sreesanth landed in jail when he has already begun planning every Monday who should go to jail that week. He says he doesn’t know why. Surbhi says that he makes a lot of mistakes, and makes obscene gestures and he is scared of losing, so he ends up in the jail himself. Deepak says Sreesanth shows off his wealth and makes others feel low. At Salman’s request, Jasleen repeats the insult – that the kind of people who are in the house are those who pick the coins thrown by my security guard as we drive by the car. Salman reveals Sreesanth’s exact words. He says that people from all walks of life come to the house, there is no discrimination between rich and poor.

9:05 pm: What did Sreesanth say in kaalkothri that has disturbed the house?
Deepak piks a fight with Sreesanth and that results in the cricketer using swear words. Sreesanth also tells him that he doesn’t talk to servants. Deepak says Sreesanth said that beggars are in the house. But others defend him, say that Sreesanth never mentioned Deepak by name. The two continue their fight and Sreesanth says Deepak has no brains. Deepak wishes him a swift recovery.
Bigg Boss ends the kaalkothri time of Sreesanth, Jasleen and Shivashish.

9:02 pm: Friendships come to an end
Salman recaps the breakup of two friendships – Deepak and Urvashi, and Sreesanth and Karanvir Bohra. House has also been divided into two – the Happy Club and the Wolf Pack.

In Bigg Boss 12 28th October Weekend Ka Vaar :

9:59 pm: Sreesanth explains his stance to Rohit
Sreesanth says it was weird the way Rohit hugged Romil when he entered the house and kissed his cheek. Sreesanth says that the way he apparently imitated Rohit was actually his impression of Kamal Haasan in Vishwaroopam.

9:56 pm: Saba Khan is evicted from the house
Somi breaks down, Salman tells her she is stronger than that. Surbhi also starts crying. Rohit takes Saba’s suitcase as she leaves. Somi can’t stop crying as she hugs Saba and doesn’t let her go. Saba is the one consoling Somi and Surbhi. Even Romil can’t stop crying as he bids her adieu.

9:47 pm: Salman reveals to the contestants that it is time for a double eviction
Who will go – Surbhi, Srishty or Saba?

9:44 pm: Sultani Akhada gets physical
In the physical duel, the first round is between Jasleen and Surbhi. After a long tussle, the bout goes in Surbhi’s favour.

The second round is between Shivashish and Deepak and it ends pretty quickly with Shiv actually carrying Deepak out of the ring.

The third round sees Sreesanth battle with Romil and Romil loses, so now it is a tie.

The tie-breaker sees Romil and Shivashish fight it out and it is close but Salman judges that Romil has lost.

Each of the three Wolf Pack members gets a medal and together, they get a hamper as a team.

9:31 pm: Time for Sultani Dangal
Salman says that three members from each side will come and fight it out in Sultani Dangal. Sreesanth is the captain of the wolf pack and Surbhi is the captain of the happy club. Each has to choose two members of the team – Surbhi chooses Romil and Deepak, while Sreesanth chooses Jasleen and Shivashish.

Surbhi and Jasleen have to verbally duel over why each team is better than the other. Surbhi slams Jasleen, who slams Romil and Deepak. Jasleen slams Surbhi’s language, while Surbhi slams Sreesanth’s language.

Salman puts it to vote. KV is the only one who votes for wolf pack and the rest go to Happy Club. So now it is 1-0.

9:26 pm: Egg-task
Who said what? The first statement is about Sreesanth. He guesses Surbhi or Shivashish but it turns out to be Rohit. Sreesanth but breaks the egg on Shiv’s head.
The second statement is about Deepak. He guesses it to be Saba but was his guess right? Nope. Salman reveals it was actually Shivashish.
The third statement is about Jasleen. She says she has heard the statement before and thinks it is Saba. Turns out, it was actually Sreesanth.
Another statement about her and Jasleen is quite sure it was Surbhi. This time she got it right.
The next statement is about Dipika. She guesses it was Sreesanth who said it about not forgiving her. She is right and she breaks the egg on his head.
When it comes to Megha’s statement, she tries to guess who it was and breaks it on Romil’s head, when actually Rohit had said it.
She chooses Rohit for the next statement when it was actually Surbhi who had said it
Salman says that no one is talking about Urvashi so there is nothing to say here.

9:18 pm: Rohit hearts Srishty
The girls have to decide who will sit with Rohit on the ‘love seat’. But when they are not able to decide, Salman asks Rohit, and he chooses Srishty.

9:15 pm: First contestant is evicted
Salman reveals that Anup Jalota has to leave the house. Hugs and byes later, Anup exits the house. Deepak, Saba and Somi can’t believe the revelation about the dishwashing liquid. How can anyone sensible think of this idea, they ask.

9:13 pm: Caller questions Sreesanth’s humanity
He says Sreesanth mixed dishwashing liquid in a drink to give Somi when he is the one who always talks about humanity during any task. Where was your humanity, he asks. Sreesanth says that he never intended to make anyone drink it, was only to scare Somi.

9:10 pm: Salman advises Deepak
Don’t take your captaincy lightly, he tells Deepak. Your captaincy is not just a way to avoid being nominated.

9:09 pm: Salman wipes the stage floor
He accidentally spills some soft drink on to the stage and insists he will clean it up even when stage workers come in to clean it. He uses the mop to wipe it himself.

9:08 pm: Deepak, not Dipika, in the kitchen?
Salman says that the channel had run a poll asking which contestant should be assigned which duty and unanimously, the vote was that Dipika should clean the bathrooms. Voters have asked to see Deepak Thakur and Karanvir Bohra in the kitchen. KV is surprised. Salman makes fun of KV’s colourful clothes and says he has been waiting to get a chance to praise KV’s clothes

9:06 pm: Salman asks contestants to choose between Megha and Dipika’s cooking
Megha and Dipika cook their dishes and serve it to the contestants. When Salman asks them to choose, three of them choose Dipika while others choose Megha. Sreesanth doesn’t choose either of them. The final decision of course, is Salman’s. Salman tries Megha’s dish first and praises her Masala bhat and batatachya kachrya. He tells her in Marathi that he liked it. He then tries Dipika’s egg frankie and atta ka halwa. Both are very tasty, he says, and it is a minor difference and very difficult to judge. But he votes for Megha, saying that even if he did vote for Dipika, she would still lose.

In Bigg Boss 12 3rd November Weekend Ka Vaar :

9:59 pm: Bharti Singh-Salman Khan’s Karva Chauth moment

Ace comedian Bharti Singh stages a dramatic entry and brings more fun to the show. Dressed as a married woman, Bharti celebrates Karva Chauth with Salman Khan (assuming him as her husband). Salman laughs his heart out. While Aaditya sings ‘Dekho chand aaya’ for Bharti and Salman, Bharti performs Karva Chauth for Salman. Bharti kisses Salman on his cheek.

. 9:45 pm: The safe zone!

Salman Khan raises anticipation as he reveals the names of contestants safe and in danger. Salman finally reveals that Dipika Kakar Ibrahim, Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode are safe from eviction this week. Megha Dhade, Jasleen Matharu, Urvashi Vani, Shivashish Mishra and Rohit Suchanti are in the danger zone.

9:40 pm: Salman Khan welcomes singer Aaditya Narayan to the show

Salman Khan welcomes singer Aaditya Narayan to the show. He imitated Anu Malik, Kumar Sanu and his father Udit Narayan’s voice when host Salman asked him to sing songs in different voices. He then sings songs for the contestants and asked them to guess the personality.

He sings ‘Pyaar Hume Kis Mod Pe le aaya’ and the inmates guess it was for Deepak. He sings ‘Phulo ko taaro ka’ and the inmates guess it is for Sreesanth. He pulls Sreesanth’s legs and asks him to name his sisters in the Bigg Boss.

9:30 pm: Jasleen says she is hurt with Anoop Jalota’s accusation

Hina Khan calls Jasleen next to the stand and asks if she has faked her relationship with Anup Jalota to enter the show. Jasleen says that she never discussed about their relationship with her friends and family. She is upset with such accusations and says that no girl would do to enter any show. Jasleen says that she loves Anup and will definitely ask him the reason behind denying their relationship.

9:27 pm: Hina conducts Hina Ki Adalat, calls Dipika Kakar Ibrahim first

Hina informs to Sreesanth that viewers think that he flips too soon. The former cricketer also agrees and apologises to the viewers. Hina calls Dipika next and says that there’s a connection of Sreesanth of everything she does in the house. Dipika lauds Sreesanth of being himself and showing true emotions. Hina too agrees to her and says that he has shown all kind of emotion in the show so far. Hina further says that Dipika is not showing her true personality. Dipika explains that she has been showing all kinds of emotions and it’s her way to express and vent out. Hina then calls some other contestants to the stand.

9:20 pm: Salman welcomes Hina Khan in the house

Hina Khan enters the house and says that she feels nostalgic. Hina says that she will bring forth the allegations of the viewers in the show. Hina calls the contestants to the stand and asks them to defend themselves.

9:18 pm: It’s time for calls!

The caller of the week asks for Megha. She alleges of trying to break both the groups. Romil, Surbhi and others laugh at Megha when she tried to pacify the caller.

9: 15 pm: Who ranked better?
Host Salman Khan then further discusses about the ‘ranking task.’ The Bharat actor says that that Megha should have been ranked a step lower and Srishty should have been higher on the list.

9:11 pm: Salman congratulates Sreesanth for becoming captain

Salman Khan opens the show wishing the viewers and contestants ‘Happy Diwali’. Salman congratulates Sreesanth for becoming the captain and pulls Jasleen’s leg for losing miserably. Host Salman asks contestants on why they chose Sreesanth as their captain. Contestants, one by one, explain their reasons. Salman also explained to Jasleen how she was used in the Captaincy task.

In Bigg Boss 12 4th November Weekend Ka Vaar :

Here are the highlights from Day 49:

10.07 pm: Tomorrow, Sreesanth is asked to nominate 7 contestants for eviction. The housemates lose their temper on Sreesanth.

10.04 pm : Urvashi is eliminated from the Bigg Boss house after majority of members vote for her

The house bids her goodbye to Urvashi with tears.

9.52 pm: Who will get evicted this week?

9.49 pm: Karanvir wins the Sultani Akhada.

9.37 pm: Karanvir and Shivashish go to the Sultani Akhada.

9.33 pm: Salman asks contestants what they got

Srishty shares that her gift is the framed Rs 100 note that was her first earning.
Romil got his sons clothes and bag.
Sreesanth gets a card and new uniform from his daughter.

9.31 pm: Deepak, Srishty, Sreesanth, Dipika, among others get emotional as they get their gifts

Sreesanth breaks into tears as he receives a card and her new uniform from his daughter.

9.30 pm: Bharti, Aaditya leave the house

People get their gifts and open them.

9.29 pm: Urvashi, Dipika get the task of making and eating laddoos.

9.27 pm: Surbhi and Romil are given the task of rapping

Surbhi teases Karanvir, Sreesanth, Jasleen, while Romil targets Dipika, Megha. The

9.24 pm : Deepak is asked to sing a song for Somi in the second task

Aaditya sings a song for Somi too, as people make fun of Deepak.

9.22 pm: Rohit-Srishty win the task and get coins

9.20 pm: The first task is the paper challenge

Rohit-Srishty and Jasleen-Shivashish have to do the paper challenge, by dancing on a sheet of paper till the song plays and then fold the paper once it stops and then dance on it again when music plays.

9.18 pm : Bharti asks Deepak to propose to Somi

Deepak is given new clothes by Bharti and Aaditya for Diwali.

9.16 pm: Gifts from contestants’ families are here!

Bharti tells everyone that the Khushiyon Ka Pitara has gifts from everyone’s home but they will have to earn them by performing tasks.

9.14 pm : Aaditya sings a funny song detailing the traits of various contestants

Bharti and Aaditya gives sweets to the housemates.

9.12 pm: Bharti Singh and Aaditya Narayan enter the BB 12 house

9.04 pm: Jasleen feels that Romil spreads darkness and Somi spreads light with her smile in the house

Romil returns Jasleen the favour and blames her for being a negative influence in the house. He gives a sweet to Surbhi for spreading light in the house.

Surbhi says Karanvir spreads darkness in the house and the sweet to Romil.

Somi, Megha also make their choice.

9.02 pm: Salman interacts with the housemates, who are elegantly dressed for Diwali celebrations.

9 pm: Bharti and Salman begin the show with a dance!

Bigg Boss 12 10th November Weekend Ka Vaar :-

10:12 pm: Salman Khan teases tomorrow’s episode
Someone will get immunity on Sunday night. Who will it be? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

10:12 pm: Preity Zinta has a task for the contestants
She divides them into two teams. They have to entertain Preity with stories and performances. The team that wins the task will get the chance to escape from nominations in the upcoming week.

9:49 pm: Preity Zinta in a dance off with Salman
Preity Zinta comes in to promote Bhaiaji Superhit.
The two enter a compettion where they have to recognise hok steps of famous songs.
Preity demonstrates first and Salman guesses Bhumro correctly
Salman demonstrates and Preity almost guesses Dhik Tana correctly.
Preity goes next and stamps her foot aggressively on the stage, to mimic Sunny Deol in Yaara o yaara
Salman goes next and Preity gets it right – Chalti hai kya nau se barah
Preity gives Salman a difficult one, to test his ‘current affairs’ knowledge. He doesn’t get Sleepy Sleepy Akhiyan, which is from her upcoming film, Bhaiyyaji Superhit.
This means Preity wins the competition.
The two then dance to their song Aate Jaate Jo Milta Hai Tumsa Lagta Hai from Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega.

Time for Preity to enter the Bigg Boss 12 house

9:39 pm: Who is the biggest gunehgaar?
Salman asks the contestants who they think is the biggest gunehgaar of the week. Everyone, including KV, nominates Dipika. Even Dipika nominates herself. But Shivashish and Sreesanth nominate each other.
Time for Dipika to head to the torture room, where she will get slapped by a dead fish.

9:31 pm: Salman congratulates Karanvir, scolds Dipika
Whom will you credit your victory in the captaincy task to, he asks KV. KV credits Rohit, but Surbhi says that the credit should go to Dipika. But she got Somi out in the first round. KV had accepted defeat too but Dipika still declared him winner.
Salman says that Dipika has changed the way the sanchalak does the job. She is like the umpire who declares a batsman not out even though he is ready to walk.
How many drops of water were left in the bowl, he asks her.
Dipika says everyone agreed with me that time that there was one spoon of water left. But now everyone is saying it wasn’t that way.

Surbhi says that it was Dipika’s calculated decision to make KV captain. Dipika says that she is just being herself and did not calculate anything.
Salman says that she had done what she wanted to do but in the process, she has lost her sense of right and wrong.
Dipika says she did not monitor the task with the intention of being partial towards KV.

9:24 pm: New mastermind in the house?
Salman brings up the issue between Sreesanth and Deepak. He also tells Romil that his title of mastermind has been taken over by Sreesanth. And reveals how Sreesanth managed to break up Happy Club.

Megha advises Srishty that Rohit is the one who is getting the advantage of being seen with her in the house and she gets nothing from it.

9:20 pm: Salman slams Deepak over his comments to Jasleen
Salman asks Deepak who gave him the right to make personal comments about someone’s private life. When you start crying when someone insults, but you did character assassination and that is worse than insulting someone, Salman tells Deepak. He also slams Surbhi for supporting Deepak, says ”it was very sad”. You should have scolded him, he says. He praises Romil for trying to subside the topic and not let it move ahead.
Jasleen reveals that Surbhi and everyone else are taunting her over the fact that Anup Jalota had left her.
Surbhi says that she was wrong, and she has apologised to Jasleen and apologises again. Deepak also apologises and Surbhi promises such a thing will not happen again.

9:15 pm: Salman pulls up contestants over their alternate names
Salman says the task during which they had to choose the people who should have been nominated, the names they had chosen were right — except for Romil’s choice of Srishty. You should have chosen someone else, he tells Romil, but Romil defends his choice and explains why he chose Srishty.

9:13 pm: Salman meets the contestants
Salman wishes them a Happy Diwali, and Sreesanth a belated Happy Birthday. Salman even praises Karanvir Bohra’s outfit, claims he got it stitched from the sofa cover his wife had sent him.
Salman jokes with Deepak about him not getting the idea of giving up his video chance for Somi – something Romil had done over the week.

Are you really irritated by Deepak, Salman asks Somi. He keeps singing songs, she says.

9:09 pm: Nominees take revenge
As part of task, the four nominated contestants have to choose the person they think should have been nominated instead of them. Deepak Thakur says instead of him, Jasleen Matharu should have been nominated. She is dunked in ice cold water, dung, rotten tomatoes and flour. Somi Khan chooses Shivashish who then gets the same treatment. Surbhi chooses Rohit while Romil names Srishty Rode.

Surbhi tells Romil that he should not have named Srishty.

Jasleen tells Romil that she didn’t deserve to be named.

9:05 pm: Srishty vs Sreesanth
Salman praises Romil for his kind gesture towards Somi. Srishty gets upset with Sreesanth and yells at him to not transfer his bad mood to her.

Bigg Boss 12 11th November Weekend Ka Vaar :-

10:09 pm: Megha breaks down

Sreesanth removes Megha’s name off the jail walls, to which the latter questions it. Sreesanth mentions that it was his wish. Megha tears up. Surbhi comes to comfort her, telling her that it is nothing to cry about.

10:06 pm: ‘I am not listening to you. I am not going to jail’

Karanvir and Sreesanth get into a fight as the latter refuses to go to jail. Romil tries to understand as to why the former cricketer does not want to go. Dipika and Somi console Karanvir and tells him that Sreesanth’s behaviour is wrong. He finally goes to jail, with Deepak and Rohit following him in.

9:55 pm: Karanvir speaks up

Karanvir nominates Sreesanth, Deepak and Rohit for the Kaalkothri. Sreesanth is furious and believes that Surbhi should be in jail instead of him and refuses to go in. He calls this an act of revenge.

9:54 pm: No evictions this week!

Pulling a prank, Salman reveals that, like every year, there will be no evictions in celebration of Diwali. The Happy Club celebrate being safe and most importantly, together.

9:43 pm: Deepak’s safe!

The host announces that Deepak is safe. Surbhi gives a heartfelt dedication to her friends. Salman reveals that Surbhi is safe, and calls Somi out. Surbhi begs him to cancel this week’s evictions.

9:39 pm: The evictions begin

Salman announces that Romil is safe. But he has a little surprise in store for the housemate for his touching gesture towards Somi, earlier this week. The show proceeds to screen videos of Romil’s eight-month-old son. He is then greeted by his wife and child. The family has an emotional reunion. Romil then give his child a tour of his house.

9:36 pm: Sreesanth steals the show

Round two consists of who can push the opponent on his back. Sreesanth also wins rounds two, winning the Sultani Akhada.

9:35 pm: Sreesanth wins round one

Majority of the contestants vote for Sreesanth as opposed to Karanvir, who earns only one vote from Srishty.

9:31 pm: Karanvir, Sreesanth fight it out

The Sultani Akhada begins! Karanvir and Sreesanth are called out on the ground. The first round consists of talking about each other’s faults. Karanvir calls Sreesanth untrustworthy, to which the latter defends himself by saying that if he was trustworthy, he would not be part of International cricket.

9:30 pm: Family bond goes strong

Salman reveals to Deepak that he has spoken to his family. The latter is touched by his gesture.

9:26 pm: A connection made

The host connects with Deepak’s family and talks about how they recently got electricity in their village. Deepak’s sister reveals that even though she could not talk to her brother, she has got the opportunity to talk to the host, who is like her brother.

9:24 pm: Back to the roots

Salman takes the audience back to Deepak’s hometown in Bihar. His family and friends talk about how proud they are about the housemate.

9:23 pm: Romil earns the immunity medallion

Romil puts forth the highest, most unique figure and gains immunity from next week’s evictions.

9:19 pm: Salman greets the housemates

The housemates explains the rules of earning immunity. To win the task, the housemates have to give a value anything from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. The one who has the highest, most unique figure will get the immunity medallion. But there is a catch! The figure that the winner has written, that amount will be deducted from the final prize money.

9:17 pm: And the winner is…

Preity loves Jasleen’s style and loved Sreesanth’s attitude in the skit. Group two wins the task and earns an opportunity to compete for immunity.

9:12 pm: Group two takes the stage

Deepak and Sreesanth start off the scene, with the former serenading the audience. Somi plays Deepak’s love interest in the drama. Sreesanth, with his witty dialogues, gets the audience laughing. The former cricketer encapsulates his behaviour in the house so far, and later falls with Romil. The two are seen sharing a romantic moment for the skit.

9:09 pm: Preity begins her task

Preity announces the rules of the task. The winner gets immunity from next week’s eviction. The first group, which includes Jasleen, Megha, Dipika, Srishty , Shivashish and Rohit, try their best to impress the actress. Jasleen and Srishty play the main female leads in the romantic scene, which Dipika is the narrator.

9:05 pm: Laughter remedy

Jasleen is ordered to store her make-up in the storeroom. Recalling her previous situation with Anup Jalota, housemates burst into fits of laughter. Salman later tells Jasleen to go back and give boxes of clothes to Deepak. The Bigg Boss of the day later tells Deepak to dress up into something good as it would have an affect during this week’s eviction.

9:02 pm: Naagin dance, waxing and other quirks

Salman continues with his quirky orders, telling Karanvir and Shivashish to make the Bigg Boss eye on the floor. He then orders Somi to wax Deepak’s arm. The housemates are later ordered to do the Naagin dance.

9:01 pm: Salman surprises the housemates

Salman wakes the housemates up, revealing that he is Bigg Boss for a day. The contestants get excited with this sudden announcement. The host has a little bit of fun and tells everyone to dance to Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai.

No Eviction in 8th Week

Bigg Boss 12 17th November Weekend Ka Vaar :-

Here are the Bigg Boss 12 house live updates:

10:00 pm: Farah Khan enters the house

Farah enters the house and adds that whenever Sreesanth gets angry, no one should stop him as she is curious about his next move.

9:57 pm: Follow the rules

Salman, who is displeased by Shivashish’s arrogance, warns the housemates to follow the rules of the house. The contestants silently listen and agree.

9:55 pm: Is it my fault?

Romil feels that it is now his fault, since it was his decision of sending him to jail. Housemates tell him that it is not since it was Shivashish’s decision to not follow the rules.

9:54 pm: A tearful farewell

Sreesanth pleads with Bigg Boss to not expel him from the house and starts to cry. Dipika and Srishty Rode comfort him.

9:52 pm: It is too late to say sorry

Salman is disappointed with Shivashish following Sreesanth footsteps and not abiding the rules. The host, as a punishment, expels him from the house. Shivashish immediately agrees and adds that he deserves it. Shivashish apologises and hugs all of the housemates.

9:41 pm: Salman schools Shivashish

Salman is very unhappy with Shivashish for not following the rules. The host questions his reason for being in the show, to which the housemate replies that he is here for the experience.

9:38 pm: A twist in evictions

Salman starts off with congratulating Romil for becoming captain. The former is disappointed with their performance with the way housemates participate in tasks.

9:35 pm: Jasleen goes to the Khaas room

Jasleen is elated to find Anup Jalota in the Khaas room. Anup praises Jasleen for playing a good game during the show and raising her voice. Salman addresses the concern of their relationship. Jasleen is confident that they are together but Anup says that he never had feelings for her. She believes that he must have thought about how her parents must have looked at their relationship.

9:30 pm: Caller of the week

The caller of the week questions the stance of Surbhi relationship with Romil. He also asks her that even though she founded the Happy Club, she seems to be the unhappiest. Surbhi replies that nothing stays the same and she is an emotional human being. She mentions that henceforth, she will make decisions above relationships.

9:28 pm: Karanvir is frustrated

Karanvir is annoyed that his wife wrote an open letter towards the show. He tears up while requesting for just a chance to talk to his wife.

9:26 pm: Why did you want to deal with Romil?

During the captaincy task, Sreesanth reveals that he wanted to deal with Romil because he thought that the latter may agree to him.

9:24 pm: Sreesanth forgives Karanvir

Sreesanth mentions that though he was initially angered by Karanvir’s decision, he was one of the first housemates to hug him and say sorry when he realised that the former cricketer is going through a tough time. Sreesanth then forgives Karanvir for sending him to jail.

9:22 pm: Surbhi’s point of view

Surbhi mentions that Karanvir’s decision of sending Sreesanth to the Kaalkothri was wrong. Karanvir disagrees.

9:21 pm: Housemates go against Romil

Megha is mad at the fact that even though Romil is one who breaks the most rules, he never gets punished. Housemates agree to her sentiment.

9:20 pm: Everyone feels that I’m selfish

Sreesanth reveals that he feels like everyone thinks of him as selfish, especially Karanvir and Shivashish.

9:17 pm: Sreesanth’s strategy

Sreesanth reveals that he would not save Dipika Kakar from nominations as she already has a huge fan following.

9:15 pm: ‘It depends as to who is in front of me’

Salman questions Romil and Deepak’s joke-turned-into-attack against Megha, which took place earlier in this week. Romil clears the air, saying that he likes joking around and the intensity of it depends on whom the target is.

9:13 pm: How did you gain so much weight?

In the history of the show, Salman reveals that no contestant except for Jasleen has gained weight during the show. Jasleen reveals that she loves potatoes and parathas, and that is reason behind her weight gain.

9:10 pm: Salman confronts Karanvir

Salman approaches Karanvir about the open letter written against the show by his wife, and the latter is shocked. The host lets him know that he feels offended. Karanvir assures him that he always thinks good about the host and apologises on behalf of his wife. Salman keeps the option open that whenever Karanvir feels offended by his jokes, he can always stop him.

9:06 pm: Salman plays a prank

Salman Khan greets the contestants in his signature style and decides to play a prank on them. The host tells them that another demonetisation has taken place , where Rs 2,000 notes have become invalid. He adds that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas has gotten married. But the biggest joke he played was that the 100 per cent of the money the housemates are being paid for the show has been cancelled. The housemates are shocked, but they soon realise that it is a joke.

9:02 pm: Who has played the dirtiest game?

Salman Khan introduces this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar and recaps on the events of the week. He proceeds to show clips of housemates who may have played the dirtiest this week.

9:00 pm: And Bigg Boss 12 begins!

Shivashish out


Bigg Boss 12 18th November Weekend Ka Vaar :-

10:09 pm: Dipika vs Romil, Srishty
Romil insists that this was not intentional. Sreesanth also tells Romil that he was wrong. Dipika yells at Srishty that she is disappointed that Srishty of all people did this joke. Megha tells Romil that he should apologise, even if it was unintentional. Surbhi and Deepak also tell him the same thing. Romil says she should have asked politely.
KV, Sreesanth console Dipika.
Srishty also breaks down quietly and tells KV that she doesn’t understand if Dipika wants an explanation or not.

10 pm: Dipika slams Romil and Srishty
What gave you the right to get personal, Dipika asks Romil and Srishty. ‘Did you not have enough aspects about me on the show to make fun of?,’ she asks both of them. ‘And how can you, Srishty, do this to me?’
‘How can you talk about who is more important for me, my husband or Sreesanth?’ she yells at Romil. ‘My husband is my life!’

9:57 pm: Jasleen is evicted from the house… or is she?
Salman Khan fools Jasleen, claims she is evicted. Then he reveals that actually it is Srishty who is evicted. And then he claims actually everyone is safe.

9:44 pm: Srishty vs Jasleen in Sultaani Akhada
Srishty says Jasleen is too loud. Jasleen says Srishty is not able to put forth her point of view.
Jasleen says Srishty is moody. Srishty says she is not moody, but even if she is, she is fine with it.
Eight contestants vote for Srishty. The first round goes to her.
In the second round, the two get into Sumo suits and they have to push the other out of the designated area.
Jasleen manages to push Srishty out twice so she emerges the winner of the wrestling round and the Sultani Akhada. Salman gifts her a medal.

9:40 pm: Salman talks to Somi’s family
Somi’s family from Jaipur jokes about Deepak’s interest in Somi. Saba says she had noticed the interest when she was in the house. Somi’s mother finds the interest very funny but Salman lies to Deepak and says she is very angry. But then Somi’s mother’s message plays in the loudspeaker and Somi gives him the gift she has sent for him – a Rajasthani turban and a box of sweets. Somi’s mother says that Deepak has won the hearts of everyone in Rajasthan just as Somi has won the hearts of the people of Bihar (Deepak’s home state).

9:33 pm: Sreesanth gets upset at Srishty
She says there is nothing personal about the task, but Sreesanth claims he is upset and definitely personal. Dipika tells him to stay quiet and corrects his pronunciation of a Hindi word.

9:32 pm: Salman plays fill in the blanks with the contestants
During the task, the contestants have to point at any other contestant and wonder what they are doing on the show. “If they had then why did enter the show.” KV points at himself, Megha points at Romil, Somi points at Sreesanth, Dipika points at Romil too. Sreesanth points at KV, repeats what KV had said about himself. Rohit points at Megha. Srishty also points at Sreesanth. Salman adjudges KV the winner and says he will return the gym equipment that had been confiscated from him.

9:28 pm: Dipika is upset with Romil and Srishty
Dipika is furious about Romil and Srishty’s joke about her husband
Say whatever you want about me, but you can’t touch my husband, she explains her view to Sreesanth. When I have been supporting Srishty in the Rohit controversy, how can she crack a joke like this about me, Dipika asks.

9:25 pm: Tree of Life task is complete
Farah gets the contestants to match one contestant with one sin. The contestant is then given a punishment.
Laziness: Vote goes to Romil. He has to shine shoes
Anger: Vote goes to Sreesanth. He has to stand there with a tape across his mouth as everyone else comes by and tells him what they want to say
Hunger: Jasleen. She has to drink bitter gourd juice
Greed: Deepak. Farah gives Deepak a chance to take a briefcase of Rs 5 lakh, even though it will be cut from the final winner’s prize money. Deepak takes it anyway, but what is in it is actually a mirchi ka laddoo. He has to eat it.
Lust: Vote goes for Rohit. Surbhi says he flirts with all the women. He gets a face full of black smoke.
Proud of their looks: Jasleen. She has to sacrifice 5 kg of her personal items.
Jealousy: Vote again goes for Jasleen. She is dunked in a bucket full of water.
Farah gifts Sreesanth the ‘key’ to the main door.

9:16 pm: Farah Khan enters the house
She tells Dipika never to stop Sreesanth again when he gets angry. Let the audience see what happens, she tells Dipika

Deepak and Somi try to dance to Gerua
The two can’t stop giggling even as Deepak does a good job of lip syncing to the song. But Farah is not impressed. She pushes Rohit to replace Somi and to dance with Deepak instead. The results are hilarious and the contestants can’t stop laughing even as Farah yells instructions at them from the sidelines.

Romil does a fake chat show as the person who interviews Srishty… oops Dipika, Deepak and Sreesanth
Srishty tries to imitate Dipika with a mask of Dipika on her face. Dipika is not impressed as Romil asks fake Dipika who is closer to her, saiyyan (her husband Shoaib) or bhaiyya (brother, as in Sreesanth). Fake Dipika responds saying that her heart and body are with her husband but her ‘dhan’ (money connection) is for Sreesanth as it is only because of her interactions with him that she is visible on Bigg Boss.
Next, Srishty imitates Megha Dhade and the way she yells and takes off her shoe as if she will hit him with it – something Megha had done earlier.
Next, Srishty imitates Sreesanth. She climbs on to her chair and pretends how he always tries to get out of the house, but Sreesanth doesn’t find it funny.

9:07 PM: Farah Khan has this to say about the contestants:
Dipika: She truly thinks of Sreesanth as her brother but he only takes advantage of it and never returns the emotions
Deepak: Is like Katappa (of Bahubali), his hand is in a sling but whenever there is an active task, he is the one who gets most physical
Sreesanth: Everything that happens in this house revolves around Sreesanth. Two specialties: 1. He always says he will not go to jail, but later he eats fooda and then goes to jail. 2. He always changes what he says – insults someone else and then claims that he is insulting himself.
They are her choice of top three contestants.

Time for Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss 12 24th November Weekend Ka Vaar :-

9:59 pm: What happened when…
Actors and actresses from other shows pretend to be the contestants in the house. A fight ensues between ‘Dipika’ and ‘Sreesanth’ over a badly-made dosa and ‘Sreesanth’ claims he wants to leave the house.

9:55 pm: Megha insults Jasleen
She calls her a dumb, brainless beauty. Once Megha comes out of the torture room, however, Jasleen apologises to her and Megha too apologises to her and the two hug it out amidst tears.

9:43 pm: And they are safe!
Salman reveals that three contestants are safe from eviction: Dipika Kakar Ibrahim, Deepak Thakur and Karanvir Bohra

9:42 pm: Somi breaks down, time for torture chamber for Megha
Salman takes a break and Somi breaks down after receiving the criticism she did from Salman. Deepak apologises to Megha for his use of chaal-chalan, and Megha apologises for her reaction. The contestants have to choose someone as the biggest ‘gunehgaar’ and the majority vote goes to Megha. Time for her to go to torture room, says Salman. I am already inside one, she replies.

9:37 pm: Megha vs Deepak
Megha says she gets too irritated by Deepak and she loses her composure. Salman says that that is the game. Megha agrees that it is the mind game and she has lost.

9:34 pm: Salman on Jasleen going to jail
Salman asks Surbhi why she sent Jasleen to jail. Surbhi says that Jasleen interferes in other people’s affairs. Salman says by that measure, Somi also deserves to go to jail. Surbhi admits that yes, she did, but since Somi is her friend, she escaped.
Salman asks Dipika whether Surbhi was right in sending Jasleen to jail. Dipika says that Surbhi always tells Dipika that she has lost her sense of right and wrong but now she did the same thing as captain. That’s why you should never say never, Salman advises contestants.

9:31 pm: Salman pulls up Jasleen over Rohit’s betrayal during task
Salman says that Jasleen and her team don’t think much of Rohit anyway, then why do you expect him to not betray them? He specifically brings up her “let’s use him” comment to Dipika. Jasleen says she doesn’t remember it but Dipika confirms she did say it.

Rohit says that the others in the team are usually not involved in the task anyway. It was KV who talked to him in the restroom and asked him to play for the red team instead of the blue team that Rohit was a part of. Salman says that the credit for Red team’s victory goes to KV.

Sreesanth says that such an idea can only come from KV. He insults both Rohit and KV. KV says that we have love and respect for Sreesanth but he never supports or encourages others. Salman says that it looked as if Blue team neither had strategy nor a wish to win.

9:23 pm: Salman slams Deepak, himself and Megha
Do you behave in the way at home the way you behave in this house? No, because you know that in the village, you will get thoroughly beaten but because you know no one is allowed to hit anyone, you try that here, said Salman. He then asks him for the meaning of chaal-chalan and the usage of the word in his fight with Megha. Deepak says that the word he chose was wrong, but he didn’t realise it at the time because the context he had used it in was clear in his mind. He realised that the meaning had been unclear only later. Salman tells him that he is too irritating and then Salman tells Megha that it seemed he was a sorted person when she entered the house. However, it now seems that she is not able to make her place in the house and is frustrated about it. Did you behave in the same way in Marathi Bigg Boss? No, right? Then why here? Salman says it is his mistake as a host that when he told her she was not visible on TV, he didn’t intend she will choose to be seen spitting at people and throwing shoes at others.

Salman says that despite knowing that Deepak used the word incorrectly, she still took up the fight. And do you really want to be known in society as someone who spits and throws shoes, he asks here. Why do you lose your self-respect and for whom?

Salman says that Megha doesn’t understand Deepak’s humour and gets offended, and he tells Deepak that when he knows Megha doesn’t understand his humour, why do it again and again?

9:14 pm: Salman asks why Somi didn’t give up her seat
Deepak explains how the plan was to ensure that one of them stays safe. Salman asks Romil why he thinks Somi is a weak contestant, but Romil says he doesn’t think so. Salman says that Somi has got her safe position in charity. But Somi says that it is not charity. Then why did you cry later? Because other things happened afterwards and I felt I was not being able to put forth my point of view.

9:11 pm: Salman Khan asks Karanvir about Dipika
KV says that he never had any hope that Dipika will give up her safe seat to KV. He says he knows what his standing is in her life. Salman asks what happened. KV says he asked her but she didn’t say. Dipika says that he wanted to give her seat only to that person who will give it back to her. That didn’t work out according to the plan. Does this mean that you don’t trust KV? Dipika says yes, when KV had the chance to make two people safe, he chose Srishty Rode and Urvashi, not me. If you don’t trust me, why did you support me in the In&Out task, he asks KV. KV says that if she had a problem six weeks ago, then why didn’t she just speak up earlier instead of keeping quiet about it? Surbhi also alleges that Dipika keeps changing her preferences. Dipika says that it was KV’s behaviour because of which she decided to keep an arm’s distance from him.

KV says that if he does something wrong, then as a friend she should have told him earlier. Surbhi also supports KV.

So on which number is KV on Dipika’s priority list, Salman asks Surbhi. He is not on the list at all, she replies.

9:04 pm: Salman Khan teases Romil
Salman says all the contestants showed a lot of energy, except Romil who was spotted lying down all the time. And then he says it is not a good thing to do as this was not a resort.

Bigg Boss 12 25th November Weekend Ka Vaar :-

10:10 pm: Surbhi and Romil fight it out
Surbhi and Romil’s fight from the Sultani Akhada spills over into the house after Srishty leaves. Romil strategises with Karanvir even as Dipika talks to Sreesanth.

9:59 pm: Eviction is announced
Sreesanth thinks Rohit will get evicted, Dipika feels Srishty will have to go, Romil thinks it is Jasleen, Deepak also chooses Jasleen, Somi also chooses Jasleen. But the person who actually gets evicted is… not Jasleen. Salman says she is safe. And Dipika is right, the person who is evicted is indeed Srishty Rode.

Srishty thanks everyone as she leaves the house.

9:47 pm: Time for eviction?
Megha, Rohit, Srishty and Jasleen are in danger of being evicted. Who will it be?

9:46 pm: Salman ka Swayamvar with two naagins
With both Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) and Vishaka (Anita Hassanandani) wishing to drape the garland on Salman, the host announces that they have to have a duel. In the verbal duel round, they compete over their age and their slithering skills. In the second round, the two are blindfolded as they try to garland Salman. Both of them win so now both get a chance to dance with Salman and they do it with elan.

9:41 pm: Time for Sultani Akhada and it is Surbhi vs Romil
While in the first verbal round, Surbhi will defend herself against Romil, in the second round, she needs to choose a male contestant to fight on her behalf. The guy has the right to refuse, says Salman.
Surbhi first chooses Sreesanth but he refuses, says he is still recovering from an illness. She then chooses Karanvir, much to his surprise.
In the first round, Surbhi says Romil is arrogant. Surbhi says while she accepts her mistakes, Romil doesn’t do so. Romil says that Surbhi is the one who keeps fighting and making mistakes and doesn’t learn from her mistakes. That is a sign of arrogance, he says. The first round goes to Romil as only KV and Megha support Surbhi.

In the second round, KV and Romil get into a wrestling match. Romil wins very easily, thereby winning the Sultani Akhada. Salman says KV is injured, if he had been well, he would have defeated Romil easily. Romil gets the winner’s basket and hamper.

9:36 pm: Contestants request Hemant to sing songs for the other contestants
Salman introduces Hemant to the other contestants. They have to choose a song from the jukebox and dedicate it to one of the other contestants.
Dipika requests Khud Ko Kyun Samajhta (not Samajhti) Hai for Rohit.
Jasleen requests Bholi surat dil ke khote for Deepak because he insults and praises people in the same breath
Deepak requests Tu laga le jab lipstick for Somi
Sreesanth requests Phoolon ka taaron ka song to Dipika
At Salman’s request, Deepak sings Sanjay Dutt’s Aa dekhen zara

9:27 pm: Question round:
To Deepak: What would you do if you are stuck in a lift with Megha Dhade?
I will get her shoes off from her first, says Deepak

To Romil: Which contestant is the person your mom would probably warn you against?
Romil: Surbhi but that’s because she doesn’t know how nice hearted she is.

To Sreesanth: Which rule of the house would you want to change?
Sreesanth: I want to fight MMA with the other contestants

To Rohit: Whom would you not want to fight against?
Rohit: Sreesanth

And the winner is Sreesanth! He gets a sash and a trophy, and he dedicates his trophy to his son.

9:24 pm: It is time for Mr Bigg Boss pageant
The guys have to impress the three female judges with their talent in the first round.
First up are desi boys Karanvir and Rohit. Both of them strip their shirts off and dance to impress the women judges (Surbhi Jyoti, Anita Hassanandani and Kamiya Punjabi) to a round of applause. All three give them a thumbs up.
Next up is Deepak Thakur, who has to show off his talent by singing a song. He chooses Kailash Kher’s Teri Deewani. When asked, Somi says she liked the song.
The next contestant is Sreesanth who does a break dance to Prabhudeva’s Muqabla.The three judges are so impressed they join him on stage and do a jig themselves.
Time for Romil to impress with his stand up comedy skills. He wows the judges but Kamiya Punjabi says he played very safe. He defends himself, says that the last time he did a ‘chat show’ he inadvertently hurt Dipika so he doesn’t want to hurt anyone again.

9:15 pm: Salman meets the fakes
The fake contestants then meet Salman virtually and when he asks them who will get evicted, fake Deepak says fake Sreesanth. Fake Sreesanth immediately yells that no way will he get evicted, it will be the others who will lose instead.
Salman gives them a reprieve from their fake personalities and urges them to go to the garden area where they will get to meet the actual contestants.

9:12 pm: Time for fun as actors imitate contestants
A fight over badly-made dosa between fake Dipika and fake Sreesanth becomes a fight between fake Karanvir and fake Sreesanth.
The action then moves to fake Deepak trying to serenade fake Somi but in vain as fake Somi erupts. Fake Megha then erupts in anger as she misinterprets a statement made by Deepak to Somi and takes it as an insult towards her. She then takes off her slipper and runs behind Deepak trying to hit him with it. KV then mediates between the two.

9:08 pm: Salman sings
Salman begins Bigg Boss 12 episode by singing a song from his film. Rising Star winner Hemant Brijwasi joins him in singing another song.

Srishty Evicted from Bigg boss house thie week

Jasleen and megha Out from BB 11 hOUSE

Rohit out from bb house

BB Eviction Week No. Bigg boss 12 Contestant Names
1st Week  No eviction
2nd Week roshmi -kriti and nirmal singh
3rd Week No Eviction this week
4th Week Neha Pendse evicted
5th Week Sourabh Patel Evicted
6th Week Anup Jalota and Saba khan Evicted
7th Week Urvashi vani evicted
8th Week No Eviction this week
9th Week Shivashis Out from BB House
10th Week Srishty evicted
11th Week No eviction this week
12th Week Jasleen and Megha Evicted this week
13th week

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Who Will be evicted this Week from Bigg Boss 13?

Everyone wants to know who will be evicted this week either be it fans or the haters. Most of the times only four contestants come under the radar of eviction.

Some Steps for How to Save Contestants from Eviction or Elimination 2019?

One or the other day our favorite contestant will surely come under the danger of eviction. Hence, you must know how you can easily save the contestants by voting for them.

Voting for your most liked contestant is very simple and easy. You can cast a vote for any nominated contestant Online. Please Voting here


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  1. Mohini

    Hy I’m mohini mujhe bigg boss ke aadar jan chati hu kya me us laik hu ya nhi wo mujhe nhi pt lekin is me me aapni mummy ke liye jan chati hu

  2. Samira

    Pls vote for kv and neha. Shree does not want to stay there so there is no need for him to be there

  3. Nancy

    Favourite contestant is Deepika and Neha I love you too 😘😘😘😘

  4. Mian Khurram Abbas

    Depika is verey smart game kevi is good contest bat romeil he hy jo in ko baghny m dimagh laghta raha hy aur wo survi aur Deepak ka sahey istmall kar raha hy maghar ab tak dikha to shree bouhat kheil rahey hy aur bouhat khouch ghalat b kar rahey par wo jo kar rahey hy bouhat acha kar rahey hy…I hope depika and shree big boss 12 winar

  5. Gautam singh

    Mujhe samajh nahi aa Raha h ki Surabhi game khelne gayi h ya famous home bcz use pata h ki Shree bht famous celebrity h house me uska India nahi foreign countries me v h ishiliye wo hamesha sree ki target karke famous hona chahti h aur koi v house me kuch v kare wo kuch nahi bolti h but Shree pe comments karke famous hona chahti h but Shree ka kuch nahi hone wala h bcz uska fan followers bht h.

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    My big boss me jana chata hun mujhe apna naam bnana hai so plzzz mujhe bhi big boss me ane ka mile plzzzz

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    Bigg boss is hafte please megha ko bahar nikalna ghar se kyunki uske aur jasleen ke vote sbse kam hai aur megha bigg boss marathi ki winner bhi reh chuki hai aur is baar unhe ghar mein na rakhe and i request to who watch bigg boss
    Vote for…
    Vote for somi and surbhi please they were very very strong contestants
    Aur agar time mile toh deepika ko bhi vote kr dena
    Chlo byeee….😉😉😉

  8. Prince sharma

    Big boss mujhe andher jane chahi a kyu ki main sab ki bolti band kar sakta hu fr dekhna surbhi or deepak bahar aaney ki saa jis rache boleyien gey ki prince se kesseye bache hum bono big boss se bahar nikal jatey hai

  9. Mahruk Mehak

    Is bar bigg boss happy club mai sy kisi ko nominate na kryn.. buhatttt maza ayaga phr.. sara plan sub ka fail hoga. Or game and show or zaida mazy ka hoga.. plzzz expected my request..or idea.. delali ka ya surpraise ho sub ko ky koi nahi ja raha aj. Main tw yahi dua kr rahi ..bara maza ana phr bigg boss dekhny ka.
    In sah Allah..
    I wish expected my smal request .. and you better know .. well

  10. Mahruk Mehak

    Is bar bigg boss happy club mai sy kisi ko nominate na kryn.. buhatttt maza ayaga phr.. sara plan sub ka fail hoga. Or game and show or zaida mazy ka hoga.. plzzz expected my request..or idea.. delali ka ya surpraise ho sub ko ky koi nahi ja raha aj. Main tw yahi dua kr rahi ..bara maza ana phr bigg boss dekhny ka.
    In sah Allah..
    I wish expected my smal request .. and you better know .. well

    1. Rahulbhai

      Deepika is safe will remain for forever I downloaded the votting app special for her because I like her nature that’s it

  11. Waps

    Now I believe Shivashi is right the BB decide who to go and who do stay. Otherwise rohit is sure punishable by his act. No need to watch this one side game Amy more

  12. Yadvinder

    Surbhi rana is playing very dirty game. The way she abuse srisant and dipika last week was very bad. She is always trying to catch the words. But she almost did same kind of things with Romil jasleen even Somi …So surbhi rana please stop doing the bad things ..the way you speak even if you are in any house no one can tolerate you…

  13. Shabz

    Shreesant aur dipika ki fan fallowing zayada hai kuan k yah famous loog hain. Lekin is show me in ka kam aisa nahi ha k yah donoon show ko jitain.somi aur romil k rishte par sab ne galat baatain keen lekin dipika aur shree pore show me kabhi gale lagte hain aik dosre ka hath pakar k bethe rahte hain aik dosre ka janoon ki had tak sath dete hain un k bare koi kuch nahi kahta q k wo ameer hain is liye sab ne believe kar liya k un ka rishta sacha hai.aghar insaf se dekha jahe to jitane ka right deepak ka hai.rohit aur somi bi show jitane ka right rakhte hain.dipika ne pore show me bhai bhai k siwa kuch nahi kiya .

  14. Faisal khan

    I love only dipika main chahta hun k depika jeety cause wo he is ghar main sab se caring and entertaining hain or sirf jagharna or cheekhna chillana entertaining nahi hota I know k ameer ghareeb sab barabar hain lekin surbhi log kuch ziada he depika se jalty hain . And surbhi guts barhao ap b ban jao celebrity

  15. Gelung pertin

    Deepak Thakur aur Surbhi Rana koh ghar se nikal dena chahiye.Deepak task ka daura kisi bhi haad tak pahoch sakte hai, aur ek no. Ka dhokebaaz hai.Kyu woh har baar sree ke piche pare hue ho. Arey! Insaan aapna aukaat bhi toh nehi bhool na chahiye.Woh mannerless hai, aur ghar ka niyam ka galat paida utha te aye hai.

  16. Gelung pertin

    Stupid,nonsense, mannerless Deepak Thakur agar ghar mei finale tak tika raha toh woh episode soorry….

  17. Gelung pertin

    Presently joh finale tak jaane ka task ho raha hai isme bhi bechari deepika akeli kya kar payegi isme bhi deepak thakur indirectly emotionally somi khan aur Romil koh atyachar kar rahe hai.

  18. Zohran ali

    I like dipika kakkar ibrahim and she is the winner of bb12. She is best in the world.




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