Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Contestants 2019 Full List

By | April 30, 2019

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Contestants List: BBK7 Is the 7th Edition of Bigg Boss Kannada Which was Hosted by Kicha Sudeep. However, the Process of selecting Contestants and Playing the show remains unchanged. According to Gathered Details, This Reality Show Edition Might be More Similar to season 6 Excluding Bigg House. Contestants of the current season will be unveiled on the premiere day By the Host As usual. Stay Tuned To this Space to get more Updates regarding the Contestants of Season 7.

We all know those common people are allowed to House in Season 6. Makers are going to follow the same format for season 6 as well. It’s Official season 7 will be a mix of celebrities and commoners. Everyone loves to enter Bigg House for some reason. If you are the commoner willing to enter the house, you need to register online for auditions before the Dead Line through the Official Voot Application. Do remember, Diwakar the runner-up of season 5 was a common man.

All the Auditions will be monitored by the makers and then filtered to select the commoners. They selected members will be contacted by the team.

As Usual, all the Contestants names will be revealed on the premiere day of season 6 that is Oct 21.18 Contestants will be entering the house includes stars, commoners, Business people, and Social media stars as well.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 Contestants

However, there are a lot of circulars over the web regarding the list of contestants who enters the house for season 6. 17 Contestants(Excluding Wildcard entries) will be entering the house this time. Here is the List of Official Contestants for Season 6 and the voting lines related to them are included in their Bio Itself.

If you are looking to vote your Favorite contestant without having a look at the bios, then here is the complete guide on Bigg Boss Kannada voting this season.

Contestant Name Profession
Sonu Patilon Actress
Andrew Jayapul Commoner(Business)
Jayashree Actress
MJ Rakesh Radio Jockey
Murali Cook
Akshatha M Pandavapura Actress
Rakshitha Rai Actress/Cricketer
Rapid Rasmi Radio Jockey
Adam H Pasha Dancer
Kavitha Gowda Actress
AV Ravi Actor
Shashi Kumar Actor and Politician
Naveen Sajju Music/Singer
Sneha Acharya Actress
Anand Actress
Nayana Puttaswamy Contracter
Dhanraj CM Dubbing Artist

All the Missed call numbers and SMS Codes will be Updated after the very first week.

1.Sonu Patil

Let’s Welcome the first contestant of the season 6 i.e Sonu Patil. She is entering the house as an actress who worked as a Journalist under some Reputation channel. This Bagalkot(Interior village in Karnataka)Acted as an artist in a couple of movies as well in comedy Roles. Looks like her bold character suits the gameplay

How to Vote Sonu Patil?

Loved her Game Play and Frankness?

Watch this space for Sonu Patil Missed call number and SMS Code

2.Andrew Jayapul

Foodie! A foodie and an event manager in Banglore. Andrew was the first commoner to enter the house in Season 6. Surprisingly he managed to impress the audience among the housemates on the very First day with his talkative nature. Bigg Boss Might be the Platform he looking for !!

How to vote Andrew Jayapul?

Foodie and Talktive !! He Started Living, Where only Limited food is served. Quite Impressive?

Stay Tuned. Will be Updated.


A Serial Actress who became popular through “MayaMruga” was the third contestant of the season. She completely failed to use the stardom as she is less active in her profession. However, She attracted the audience with her statements during the welcome episode of the season.

How to vote Jayashree?

This is the Place where I want to know myself-Jayasree. Let’s see how she conveys herself to the audience.

4.RJ Rakesh

Rakesh is well known for television lovers as he hosted some of the most populated shows such as Pro-Kabaddi and ISL. He is a non-Kannadiga who was born in Rajasthan but brought up in Bangalore. Moreover, Rakesh Entered Politics as well.

How to Vote Rakesh?

It’s really interesting to see a political Person inside the House. Let’s see will he impress us as he did for his 350 Girlfriends!

Watch the Space!


Cookery shows are one of the crowd gathering TV Shows From decades and in all languages. Murali is a host for such shows which was still running even after 1550 episodes. Probably, He might have the Good lady following for some weeks. Later, it’s his gameplay which decides.

How to vote ‘Oggarane Dabbe’ Murali?

Let’s see how he manages to impress the rest of the audience apart from housewives. Can he increase his fan base after BB Kannada Season 6! Let’s wait and Vote.

6.Akshatha Pandavapura

Akshatha is A theatre artist aiming to be a star actress. Pallata is one of her Movies. TO Be frank, No one had expectations on her but its the character and gameplay which decides the winner. Can he withstand in the House for a long time?

Vote Akshatha Pandavapura

Building Rangamandira was her Life dream. How she acts and wins the heart of people is still surprising. However, wanna vote her?

7.Rakshitha Rai

Dhoni Fan and Cricketer. Rakshitha is a television actor and voice artist. Being away from parents, She worked in RADIO FM as well. Rai is a cricketer and a team member of India A Women and Karnataka Women.

Coming to her sports Life,  Rakshitha Played 5 international matches as Right Hand Batswoman and Right Arm Medium Fast bowler.

How to Vote Rakshitha Rai?

Sports Person in Bigg Boss Kannada? Let’s see how she impress the audience in a tight Competition. . . . .


Popularly Known as Rapid Rashmi. Most of the Banglore Natives might know her well. Rashmi is an FM Jockey in Bangalore who takes interviews of celebs in her own style. Being a Playback Singer and Actress are some of her works in Movie Industry. She bags Aryabhatta awardee and Media awards in the year 2016.

How to vote for Rapid Rashmi in BB6?

No doubt in saying her as one of the favorites. But the only question is can she impress the entire Kannada to win the title?

9.Adam Pasha

I Doubted and Duble check the Official page and yes Adam Pasha was the First Transgender to Enter Bigg Boss Kannada which was Hosted By Kicha Sudeep. Pasha is a Stage Dancer and well known.

How to vote Adam Pasha

It is really interesting how the housemates receive Adam Pasha. By the Way, Makers subjected to their statement that everyone is welcome to season 6 by allowing transgender. This Motivates many there.

10.A V Ravi

A Gym Freak, Actor and Celebs Trainer as well.

A V Ravi Acted in more than 130 films including Telugu, Kannada and Tamil languages. Some of his Popular Kannada films include Habba, Sipayi, Kote, Suntara Gallee, Suryavamsha, and the list goes on. Gabbar Singh, Balu are some of his noted films in Telugu.

Missed call Number/SMS Code of Ravi

A Noted Celeb when compared to the above list.You can vote AV Ravi by Calling ******** from you own mobile number or even SMS **** to *****.

Will Be Updated Soon.

All the Housemates in the list are confirmed. Housemates include commoners and Celebs.

However, the season was of a mix of celebs and Commoners we need to wait for the first day of the season to know about the complete info officially.

Keep watching the space for regular updates regarding the contestants of Bigg Boss Kannada season 7.

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  1. Lingaraj

    Sudeep sir niv madirodu tappu big boos maneyali kalatana madabaradu madidare avaranu mane enda neravagi horage kaisi p/z yakandare

  2. geetha srinivas

    big boss onedu olleya concept, adanna yelru game thara nodthirodu viparyaasa, avaranna avaru samrthisikolluva baradalli, naanu yennuva aham pradashanavaaguttidhe, yaarigoo samaadaanavilla, matthobbara thappugalanna hudukodralli yelru nisseemare, yaavaglu bereyavaranna byyovaaga namma character pradarshanavaagodanna yaaroo arthamaadikondilla, ex nayana, rashmi na thotti andhru, naanu avala level ge yiliyakkaagalla andru, allige, yelrigoo gottaagodenandre, nayana yestu kelagidaare antha, aa padha,aa launguage enthavavara baayalli barabahudu, level bagge maathaadoru istu sanna maathanna artha maadkondilla andre, prekshakaraada naavu avara level na artha maadbekaagutte, asahya anisutte, muddhu muddhhagi maathadode decency alla, padha balakenu mukya, hege idru naanu bigboss abhimaani, nodenodtheeni, sudeep sir ivrannella sahiskondiro neevu great sir, thank you , geetha srinivas

  3. Manu

    Big boss ond olle show. But adre alli rashmi jagalaganti tharane idare. Sumne mathadodbitre hage obrunna kaal elgod bitre aakege enu gothilla. Mathu manekedathu thoothu ole kedsthu anno gadhe rashmige superage opputhe.

  4. Maruthi

    Sudeep sir my question is akshatha she was married girl but Shee moving with Rakesh very bad and Wt is the between relation ship pls ask me Satraday

    Don’t miss it sir bequess we watching TV

  5. Saraswathi mallikarjun

    Sudeep sir nannna question kavita ge yakandre kavita Andrew jothe 10minute daily matadtini nange nominate bitkondu anta kelidmele chennagiye matadtidlu but amele jayasri and shashi avan Jothe matadbeda andmele avra maatu keli avna jothe matadodanna tapsoke avan mele complent madodu tappalva

    And jayasri yavaru shashi and kavita madhy mediator agi kelsa madtidare ansutte

  6. Viji

    Bigg boss maneyalli rakesh and akshatha madhye enide anta yargu gottagtilla. Yakendre avru beror hatra ondu matadtare avru ibru iddaga tamde vishaya matadtare. avru ibru Over agi behave madtidare.

  7. Anusha

    Kavitha matte andy between nomination agobekadre kavitha , andy ge chinna pl hage hinge anta matadi iwaga nomination mugada mele yake, uncofartable anta nataka madtalo gotilla , rashmi seriously ur rocking, rashmi matte murali nivu tumba chenagi
    Adtidira, keep it up

  8. Divyaraj

    Dear big boss,
    This is my kind request.
    Every contestnt must go through a tough situation .Big Boss mjst check each contestant
    Leadership skills.
    Whether he is a resiliant?
    Whether je is good at personal ethics?
    Can he keep up his promise of given to someone?
    Will he stand when something is wrong for others?

    My only concern is all the contests should go through a tough mental games but at the same time they should always keep their personal ethis in tact?

    More games,more difficult,testing each one personality…make it more tough by giving mental tough games.& sometimes entrrtainment programmes.

    All the best big boss congrats.

  9. Vasanthi Bantwal

    Shashi super player sir..Akshatha and Rakesh behaviour bigg boss manelli swalpanu sari kantilla sir. Neevu monne warning kottidrunu 1week matoduvudu beda amele matte mataduva antha returns Rakesh helthare.akshatha I hate you raki antha last week helthare rakige jaillalli iruvaga aadre raki iddanne starting nd helthiddira adra opposite yavaga helthiro antha helthare raki.idu sari ulla.

  10. kavya

    yake bigg boss maneli iro kelavru shashi na blea madthira. ..thise is not fair..matte shashi win agodhu avrige ista illa yake obba person tthumba publicity agilla evnu gelthane anthana. .plz ag madbedi because shashi also good human being k…geddu banni shashi..and Danu sir is good but rasmhi ge avru k andrene agalla rasmhi ge heli

  11. Meghana Reddy

    Shashi is playing superb game shashi ney big boss winner AND nan question Andy yake nivu shashi nodi urkothira plz answer madi

  12. Divyaraj

    Does Murali really wants to win bigboss?? I dont think so ? Can bigboss put him into a situation to test his intention?
    Can bigboss come out of cooking and budget task? We are feed up of this house hold task?
    Can bigboss come up with some new tasks?
    Best tasks till date was choosing the position from 1 to 12 and choosing the right person for puzzle.
    Can bigboss give tasks by using one contest to test 2 or three contest real character?

  13. Basavaraju

    Colors ಕನ್ನಡ ಬಿಗ್ ಬಸ್
    ನನ್ನಗೊಂದು ಅವಕಶ ಕೆಳಿಕೋಳೂತೆನ


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