Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Eviction Elimination BBTelugu 5 2021 Vote Results Today Who is Evicted?

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Eviction Elimination News :- hello BB Fans we bring latest New updates for BBTelugu 5 2021 Vote Results Today – Who is Evicted in this week? so don’t worry now and scroll this page and get Latest Results for this Week. in this post You can Get all News Like Who is nominated This week? who is eliminated in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Star Maa? So let’s check in below section.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Eviction

As You Know Bigg Boss 5 Telugu  is the Indian reality tv Show and specially telecasted for Telugu People. Bigg Boss primarily based on the Dutch Show Big Brother. it’s telecasted within the Telugu Language. 1st episode premiered on fifth September 2021 on Star Maa and Disney+ Hotstar app.  BB 5 Telugu Host Nagarjuna will play Superb job as a Host third time. as Rule of Bigg Boss Every Weekend 1 or 2 contestents evicted by viewers voting results. so every week bb 5 telugu House member will be eliminated by Our Voting. so keep Voting for Save you fav. contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 2021 Show.

bigg boss telugu evcition

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Elimination Timing Details

Show Name
Bigg Boss Telugu 5
Start Date 5th September 2021
Name of Host Nagarjuna Akkineni
No of Contestants 19 (Check Here)
Episodes 106
Prize Money Rs. 50 Lakh
Telecast on Star Maa, Disney+ Hotstar
Eviction Timing Weekends – 9 PM
Show Category Bigg Boss Telugu

You Can Vote Here : Vote Bigg Boss Telugu

Telugu Bigg Boss Nominations This Week

The following is the list of contestants who are in the nominations for the current week. The telecast of the same is going to take place on Monday.

List of contestants in Nominations for this week!

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Result

Here you can Get Bigg Boss Telugu Voting 2021 Result for this week . Check out the latest nominations 2021, voting counts today, elimination results. Voting ends every Friday 12 noon. You have 10 vote per week. for vote search Bigg Boss vote Telugu and results. The voting time period is from monday to friday, so each day the voting results Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results Today

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Bigg Boss Telugu 1st week Eviction

sarayu roy

Sarayu, who is popularly known as 7 Arts Sarayu, got evicted. She has not received enough votes from the public. Six contestants including popular faces like Anchor Ravi got nominated for the evictions in the first week. Sarayu left the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2nd week Eviction

uma devi
Uma devi Evicted

Bigg Boss Telugu 3rd week Eviction

lahari bigg boss 5 eviction

Lahari Shari evicted from the show

Bigg Boss Telugu 4th week Eviction

natraj evcited

Nataraj Evcited From BB House

Bigg Boss Telugu 5th week Eviction

Hamida Evcited From BBTamil Show in fifth Week Due to less votes.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6th week Eviction

swetha verma eviction

Swetha evicted, Lobo sent to secret room

Bigg Boss Telugu 7th week Eviction

priya bigg boss 5 telugu eviction

Priya Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu 5

Bigg Boss Telugu 8th week Eviction

Lobo Eliminated from BBTelugu 5 House this week

Bigg Boss Telugu 9th week Eviction

viswa bigg boss telugu

Vishwa Evcited this Week

Bigg Boss Telugu 10th week Eviction

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Elimination: Jaswanth Padala Aka Jessie Is Evicted From The Show

Bigg Boss Telugu 11th week Eviction

anee bigg boss 5 telugu eviction

Anee Evicted this week

Bigg Boss Telugu 12th week Eviction

ravi bb telugu 5 eviction

Ravi Evicted

Bigg Boss Telugu 13th week Eviction

priyanka eviction in bb telugu 5

Priyanka Singh Evicted this week

Bigg Boss Telugu 14th week Eviction

rj kajal evicted bigg boss telugu 5

RJ Kajal Evicted this week

Bigg Boss Telugu 15th week Eviction

Let’s See Who will Be Evict this week

Who Will be evicted this Week from Bigg Boss Telugu 5th Season?

Everyone wants to know who will be evicted this week either be it fans or the don’t worry on this page we bring all news from latest Episode of Star maa BB 5 Telugu Show.

Till Then Let’s Check All Nominated and Evicted Contestants of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu 2021.

Week No. Contestant Names Evicted
1st Week Rj Kajal, Ravi, Manas,

jaswant, Sarayu, Hamida

Sarayu Roy
2nd Week Rj kajal, natraj, umadevi, priya,

priyanka, lobo, anne

Uma Devi
3rd Week Sreeram, Maanas, priya,

priyanka, Lahari

4th Week Lobo, Natraj, Kajal
Sunny, Priya
Siri, Anne, Ravi
5th Week Shanmukh, Jaswanth, Lobo

Maanas, Priya, Ravi

Viswa, Sunny, Hamida

6th Week Shanmukh, Priyanka

Lobo, Sreerama

Ravi, Siri,Vishwa

Swetha, Sunny, Jaswanth

7th Week Anee, Jaswanth
Kajal, Lobo
Priya, Ravi
Sreerama, Siri
8th Week Lobo, Maanas, Ravi
Shanmukh, Siri, Sreerama
9th Week Anee, Jaswanth, Kajal
Maanas, Priyanka, Ravi
Siri, Sreerama, Sunny, Vishwa
10th Week Kajal, Maanas, Ravi, Siri, Sunny Jaswanth
11th Week Anee , Kajal, Maanas, Priyanka
Shanmukh, Siri, Sreerama, Sunny
12th Week Kajal, Priyanka, Ravi
Shanmukh, Siri, Sreerama, Sunny
13th week Kajal, Maanas, Priyanka
Siri, Sreerama
14th week Kajal, Maanas, Siri
Shanmukh, Sunny
RJ Kajal
15th week
16th week
17th week
18th week
Finale week

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