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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Eviction Elimination BBTamil 7 2024 Vote Results Today Who is Evicted?

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Eviction Elimination News :- As You Know Vijay TV started Bigg Boss Tamil 7 (பிக்பாஸ்) started this new season from 1st October 2023 with a total of 16-17 contestants list. On this page we bring latest New updates for BBTamil 7 2023 Vote Results Today – Who is Evicted in this Nomination week? so don’t worry now and scroll this page and get Latest Results for this Week. in this post You can Get all News Like Who is nominated This week? who is eliminated in Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Star vijay? So let’s check in below section.

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Eviction

As You Know Bigg Boss 7 Tamil is the Indian reality tv Show and specially telecasted for Tamil People. Bigg Boss primarily based on the Dutch Show Big Brother. it’s telecasted within the Tamil Language. as Rule of Bigg Boss Every Weekend 1 or 2 contestents evicted by viewers voting results. so every week bb 7 Tamil House member will be eliminated by Our Voting. so keep Voting for Save you fav. contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil 2023 Show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 has Started on 1st October 2023. This riveting season has been through so many twists and turns. The viewers and netizens have been eating up this season delving into the contestants and also the tasks have been exciting. Host Kamal Hasan has also managed to win hearts with his insightful comments and calm demeanor.

bigg boss tamil eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Elimination Timing Details

Show Name
Bigg Boss Tamil 7
Start Date 1st October 2023
Name of Host Kamal Hasan
No of Contestants 16
Episodes 120
Prize Money Rs. 50 Lakh
Telecast on Star Vijay tv, Disney+ Hotstar
Eviction Timing Weekends – 9:30 PM
Show Category Bigg Boss Tamil

You Can Vote Here : Vote Bigg Boss 7 Tamil

Tamil Bigg Boss Nominations This Week

The show has 16 contestants and the lineup is fantastic. Each contestant is bringing something to the table. The following is the list of contestants who are in the nominations for the current week. The telecast of the same is going to take place on Monday.

List of contestants in Nominations for this week!

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results Today

Check out the latest nominations 2023, voting counts today, elimination results. Voting ends every Friday 12 noon. You have 10 vote per week. for vote search Bigg Boss voting and results. The voting time period is from monday to friday, so each day the voting results Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results Today

Know about Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Nominations, #BBTamil Eviction, Bigg Boss Star Vijay Tamil Elimination This Sunday, who is Evicted Contestant.

Bigg Boss Tamil 1st week Eviction

No Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 2nd week Eviction

No Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 3rd week Eviction

No Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 4th week Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 5th week Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 6th week Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 7th week Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 8th week Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 9th week Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 10th week Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 11th week Eviction



Bigg Boss Tamil 12th week Eviction


Bigg Boss Tamil 13th week Eviction


Bigg Boss Tamil 14th week Eviction


Bigg Boss Tamil 15th week Eviction


Bigg Boss Tamil 16th week Eviction

Let’s See who will be evict this week

Who Will be evicted this Week from Bigg Boss tamil 7th Season?

Everyone wants to know who will be evicted in this week either be it fans or the haters.so don’t worry on this page we bring all news from latest Episode of Star Vijay BB 7 Tamil Show.

Till Then Let’s Check All Nominated and Evicted Contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 2023.

Week No. Contestant Names Evicted
1st Week None No Eviction
2nd Week Janany
No Eviction
3rd Week Janany
No Eviction
4th Week Vikraman
5th Week
6th Week
7th Week
8th Week
9th Week
10th Week
11th Week
12th Week
13th week
14th week
15th week
16th week
17th week
18th week
Finale week

We Hope You got All information about Star Vijay Bigg Boss 7 tamil Vote Count Eliminations Please Share This Article On Social Platforms… thanks for Visiting Us.

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17 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Eviction Elimination BBTamil 7 2024 Vote Results Today Who is Evicted?”

    • Great priya , boz i am doing the same..he is really.guniune person.from my prespective. I never seen him acting..pavini should ask sorry and go out of this house..and amir .. Sollavey venam asingapaduthitan ellaraiyum if he has lover, of he has family, if he has friends. Vantha puthusula nanum been so supportive..but at lasy thambudu ponnunga vishayathula romba week pola..pathu thambi yaravathu dance students unmela.pugar koduthuda poranga..

    • Tallented person Akshara she doing correct game I am only vote for Akshara she is beautiful girl in Big Boss house I like the Akshara really good character ❣️

  1. My understanding so far been explained below:

    Akshara’s PR team is very strong. Most of the online channels support her. Can anyone tell what good things she did in this show so far? Nothing right. Varun is an in-house supporter for akshara by understanding all this facts she has outside bb house. Thus Varun gives full support to Akshara (Support pattern = Varun > Akshara).

    Prianka is giving good and valuable content for the show at least.
    The whole house is targeting Prianka and Pavani. Actually both Prianka and Abhinai is giving support to Pavani. Whereas Raju influencing Iman as a support to stay in the house (Raju > Iman). Off course Raju has some stuff and he is doing that successfully. By understanding it Lotus is doing all in-house job for him like a servant just for survive in the house (Lotus > Raju > IMAN). Niroop could also understood the strategy of the housemates and thus he stoped friendship of piyanka and start supporting Iman (Niroop > Iman).

    Sanjeev, Amir and Cibi is trying to take a diplomatic stand for the survival.

    As per my understanding the influence and dependency pattern or direction is as below:

    Varun > Akshara > Lotus > Raju > IMAN < Niroop

    What ever happens PRIANKA is number one and she is always superb.
    Thank you.

  2. My question to big boss. ?
    Paviniya asinga padutha you choosed amir ah? Abiney etho sonaru letter la karumam paviniya pudikum nu. Antha allu ethu decent ah sonnaru thappa ethuvumey panala. Ofcourse namma ku pudichavangalu kaga enna venum nalum panalam. Avaru evalavu decent ah avangala pudikum nu sonnaru. Pakkava antha manishan evalavi genuine ah nadandharu. This amir came by saying unmela sama crush nu solitu vanthan. Asingama iruku big boss paakarthuku. Evalavu asingama nadanthukuran oru ponukitta. En sir romba nallavaruna en da thambiya irunthu avala jaika vaika poradula. Asingama site adikuren . Unnoda udhadu solkuthu kannu sonnala..vera enna sir ku entha organa vanchi solanum nu solringa amir? En pakathula pogamatinguringa..camera irukuna..pakathula poidathinga. Ungaluku irukura verila. Kaiya kiya vachida poringanu bayanthu irukingala? Dont spoil her name and abiney name .smooth ah pogavendiya vishayatha unnoda so and so temptation kaga avangala asinga paduthuratha as an audience ah vum..plus abiney guniune character kagavum solren .you are spoiling a girl name amir..pls mind and play. Pakka after you came trp is not increased. We are pretty much worried to make the childern to watch. For Yesterday task better you take a A certificate. Boz anytime this amir will do anything. If he is there show will be failure. Rendu varathuku munnadi vantha amir ..5 varushama nadakura super show va. A certificate vangavachiduvaru. Pathukunga pavaniya nerunguma..innum enna enna certificate vanganumo. Pathukunga big boss and vijay tv.. Sorry star vijay. Etho panranu unga channel band panra alavuku pogathinga..i am not trethening you guys. U all are doing a fantistic job..but why this nastic issue. We all are happy watching in tv before 2 weeks . I watch all 3 times. But after amir comes. Its look like a private video. Eppa avan pavinimela kaiya vaipano nu thonuthu. Asinngama. Iruku..i am not favoriate to pavani or abniey..but.he really playing a good role as a friend..but intha samir sorry kumir. Sorry pamir..sorry again. Mayir vanthu pavani pinadiye 24/7 ah. Abi paravala..10 hours than ..thambinu solratha othuka matingiran..aparam enna sir paviniku pannaru..friend nu sonna abi is more better..
    Evan na sonna comment ku yosikama badhil sollatiga. Unga friend ah irunthalum ..pachaiya asingama channel ah mathiten yesterday. So that only i am saying..dont worry all i will twitte it

  3. I am really sorry bigboss. Asking those many questions..boz we have a kids na..they are also enjoying by saying cadidates names..but this kind of things we should not.put like a seed to grow as a tree.
    I did not said anything wrong i hope. I love you big boss in all language. Only thing is we should judge a right person to be or save to be here to ask questions.

  4. Big boss.
    Nanga than kazhuvi oothuromla. Better remove amir and prove abiney is holding the friendship better. Sathiyama neenga itha panalana.. Ennoda post ah pathu mathavangaluku purinchirukum. Ungaluku kandipa support panaatanga. Bog boss full la fruad big boss. Epadi accept panna solringa..24/7 la you are showing only 1 to 1.30 min. Mathathu enga. Better live camera access kosuthudunga. Nanga pathukurom..we will.eliminatr till that.

  5. Big Boss ennaku onnu matum theyriyum voting la aadhigama vanguravanga irupanga voting la kammiya vanguravunga veliya vanthuduvanganu. Ennaku theyrinchi innum makaluku puriyala pola..atha marubadiyum 1 min la solli makaluku puriya vaiyunga. My request..
    Appuram onnu ketkanum unga kitta..enna panitanga pavini..i know first impression is best..but first varum bothu nan kudathan super fig nu nenachen. But sup fig ah irunthalum character is very important..10 thu nal nalla pasama pazhaguna evan venum nalum.mutham kokukalam pola..avangala..its ok its her character..
    But nangalam tv la big boss pakanuma. Illa OTT la mattum pakanum.
    Veetula pombala pilaikalam irukanga..so neenga than oru solution solanum. Tv ya OTT Ya..
    Intha season mudinchathum.karuman athunga rendum enna venum nalum panikatum ..pakka padukevalama iruku amir and pavini panrarthu. Etho promo la amir romba kasta patu vantha mari theyriyuthu. Avanukum confession room la kupto illa enna panuvingalo. 18+ adult show va mathidathinga..
    Paviniya pakartha iruntha. Intha season big boss izhuthu mooda vendiyathuthan.
    Last week nanga kamal ketparu ninachom. Kurumpadam pottu..ippavey straight ah solidunga..after that ippadi sonna appadi sonnanu.. May be intha kevalamana kupaiya en kalaranum nu vitturupinga..
    Show will not success if pavani is tr..
    Without disclaimer and certify its 18+ we cant see this.
    Also entha oru mirugamo athuvo ithuvo nu poduringala..mothala manithana punpaduthuringa..
    Perusu nanga kudumbathoda illadilam.pakka mudiyathu..pasanga ketta enna solanum nu sollunga.


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