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Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Vote Hotstar Voting Online Missed Call Number Google Voting Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Vote – Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Here [Live Result] : As the competition heats up and tensions rise in the Bigg Boss house, viewers across the nation eagerly await the chance to participate in the eviction process. In this era of digital democracy, voting has never been easier, with options ranging from online voting on Hotstar to casting a missed call or utilizing Google Voting. With each passing week, the fate of the contestants hangs in the balance, determined by the votes of passionate fans and viewers. Join us as we explore the exciting world of Bigg Boss 7 Tamil and the various voting methods that play a pivotal role in shaping the fate of the housemates.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Vote (Online Voting) Missed Call Number Eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Hey guys, if you are here then I’m right that you all are a Huge Fan of Bigg Boss Tamil. And you have come here while searching for Bigg Boss Tamil Vote. So guys, if you are looking for the Bigg Boss Vote Tamil Polls & Results. Do you want to know that How to Vote in Bigg Boss Tamil?

The show is hosted by the world famous actor Kamal Haasan and the Bigg Boss season first, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th 6th reached all the nooks and corners of the state. The show featured 15 contestants with 4 wildcard entries inside a house in its season 4. The same is expected of the 7th season of Bigg Boss Tamil. Bigg Boss season 7 will also feature its voting process like the previous one. The show will be launched on 1st October 2023 on Star Vijay TV. The episodes are aired at 9:30 PM from Monday to Sunday for 100 days. Viewers save their favourite contestant by casting their votes online.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Bigg Boss Tamil 2023 Voting Online

Name of Show Bigg Boss Tamil
Channel Star Vijay TV
Kamal Hassan
Timing of show 9:30 PM on Weekdays and 9:30 PM on weekend
Language Tamil
Premiere 1st Oct 2023
Vote Link Vote Here

Tamil Bigg Boss Vote

Viewers have to search “Bigg Boss Vote” or Bigg Boss Tamil Vote on Google and cast their vote for their favourite contestant. Bigg Boss Vote 2023 can also be used as a Voting keyword in Google. Watch the below space for Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Count, Bigg Boss 7 Contestant Details, Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Eliminations Details and Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Winner. If you are wondering when and where to watch the show, it will be telecast every day on Vijay TV at 9:30 pm.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Bigg Boss Game Show is where contestants from all tracks of life are locked in the same house. They contend with each other to win a prize by saving themselves from eliminating based on public votes.

bigg boss tamil voting

If yes, then don’t worry my friend I’ll solve you all queries related to Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online. Not only this, I’ll also tell you the process of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online so that you can easily vote for your favorite contestant.

As you know that Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 will start in a few months and in this season people will going crazy with the drama. And if you want to participate in Bigg Boss Tamil 7 then all you need to check out our previous post of Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Audition/Registration Process.

So whenever the Bigg Boss Tamil Voting polls have been starting I’ll remember you so that you can vote for your favorite contestant. Because it’s your time to save your favorite contestant from Eviction.

Check Bigg Boss Tamil Contestant

Bigg Boss Tamil Nominations List – Elimination Week 1st

Basically, the reason for sharing Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Vote Polls is, that a lot of people looking forward to Voting in Bigg Boss Tamil to save their favorite contestant from eviction. But they are confused because there are a lot of websites who provide you Bigg Boss Tamil Vote.

And I was also getting many queries regarding Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Vote. Such is like this;

  • Where we’ll get Bigg Boss Season 2023 Tamil Voting
  • Tell us the process of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote.
  • How to check the results of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Polls.

After getting these types of queries from our users I thought why not share a different article on Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Voting Online. So that our users can easily understand the process of Bigg Boss Taming Voting Online.

As you know that voting is not soo easy for us but We make everything easy for you especially “Bigg Boss Voting Tamil Polls”.

So guys check out all the details that you need to vote for your favorite contestant and save them. Because Bigg boss Tamil is giving you an opportunity to save your favorite contestant from elimination.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online

I tell you first, that there are only 3 ways for Bigg Boss Vote Online and that ways are given below;

  • Miss Call Voting Process
  • Through Our Site
  • On Disney hotstar vip Mobile App
  • Through Hotstar Website

In any case, before you check out the way toward voting, how about we observe some other data of Voting in Bigg Boss. For the individuals who are new to Bigg Boss Tamil 7, I might want to give you a short prologue to the Voting framework in Bigg Boss. As a matter of fact, Voting is an approach to spare a Bigg Boss Contestant from Elimination.

The Game of Bigg Boss deals with Elimination where one individual is wiped out from the demonstrate each week. Around 3 to 4 hopefuls are expelled each week and you need to vote by means of SMS to spare your most loved contestant. The challenger with the least votes is disposed of and needs to go out of Bigg Boss.

In addition, Every Contestant in BB house has a particular code utilizing which watchers make their choice everytime. I trust now, you would have comprehended the correct significance of Bigg Boss Tamil Voting.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting 2023

You should definitely comprehend what are Voting polls, if not, at that point don’t stress, I will disclose to you each and everything. Consistently Voting Polls i.e. Perspectives make their choice for the contenders. The hopeful with immense Bigg Boss Voting Polls is spared.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7th Voting Trend during the current Week:

Tap on the candidate Name whom you need to spare.

A large number of People make choice on our site and thus you can get a thought of will’s identity spared and will’s identity dispensed with this week. you can demonstrate your Swag to your companions that you definitely think about Bigg Boss Tamil Voting results and BB Tamil 7 Voting Trend.

How To Vote in Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Poll?

As I already mentioned above that there are only 3 ways for Online Bigg Boss Tamil Voting. If you forgot then don’t worry it also given below.

  • Vote On Our Site
  • Miss Call Voting Process
  • Vote On Hotstar App
  • And You can also Vote on hotstar.com Website

On the off chance that you need to vote in favor of your most loved challenger at that point, there are two methods for doing that. I will reveal to you both the routes appropriate here. So lets we discuss “How you can Vote Through Our Site”!!

BB Tamil 2023 Voting on Hotstar app

  1. Open Hotstar App with your Mobile number or Email ID.
  2. Now Click on banner Bigg boss Tamil season 7 Page.
  3. Bigg Boss 7 Tamil page will appear and below banner there is ‘vote’ button.
  4. Now After clicking Vote Button, you will able to see nominated contestants. Pick the contestant and cast your vote.
  5. You can Per day each person can vote 50 votes using Email and mobile number and save it.
  6. Through Disney Hotstar or online voting you can vote 50 per day and via mobile 10 votes per day.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Voting Through Miss Call

For Missed Call Voting you can vote your favorite contestant with the help of their miss call number. The miss call numbers of each Bigg Boss Tamil 6 contestant are given below.

Sr No. Contestant Name Number assigned
1 Maya Krishnan Update Soon
2 Ananya Rao Update Soon
3 Vijay Varma Update Soon
4 Vishnu Vijay Update Soon
5 Pradeep Antony Update Soon
6 Jovika Vijaykumar Update Soon
7 Raveena Daha Update Soon
8 Aishu Update Soon
9 Saravana Vickram Update Soon
10 Bawa Chelladurai Update Soon
11 Yugendran Update Soon
12 Vichitra Update Soon
13 Cool Suresh Update Soon
14 Poornima Ravi Update Soon
15 Nixen Update Soon
16 Vinusha Devi Update Soon
17 Manichandra Update Soon
18 Akshaya Udayakumar Update Soon


Missed call Hotstar

Voting Start Time

Voting End Time

No. of votes per Voting Cycle per mobile/landline No. of votes per Voting Cycle per login

10:30 PM


11:59 PM




12:00 AM


11:59 PM




12:00 AM


11:59 PM




12:00 AM


11:59 PM




12:00 AM


11:59 PM












NOTE: Only a maximum of 10 votes will be allowed per day per Mobile/Landline, per Voting Cycle.

Only a Maximum of 50 votes will be allowed per day per login, per Voting Cycle. Any number of votes cast including during the Voting Cycle, exceeding the limit mentioned hereinabove, will not be valid and shall be rendered null and void.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Result

The Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result of the elimination process will be announced during the weekend of the show by the host Kamal Hassan. The result announcement is directly told to the Bigg Boss contestants by the host through the video, fondly called as Aham TV by the Kamal. After the result has been announced, the person who receives lesser votes will be sent out.

BB Tamil Weekly Nomination List

Bigg Boss Season 7 Nomination list updated every week. Housemates will nominate each other contestant with some reason behind it.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Elimination

In every week of Bigg Boss Tamil there happens elimination. The eviction of the contestant is totally based upon the number of votes they get. If a contestant gets the lowest number of votes he/she gets eliminated from the show that week. So it becomes very important for them to gain the maximum number of votes to be safe from elimination. This show is one of the biggest shows in Tamil television. And last year first season was watched by lacs of people. This time Kamal Hasan will not host the show. As soon as show will start Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination 2023 updates and Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online details will be updated here.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Eliminated Contestants

In Bigg Boss Tamil the elimination process has been started. Here is the list of Eliminated contestants.

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