Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 contestants List with Photos – Full WIki bio

By | August 1, 2019

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: Complete List of Participants in Nagarjuna’s Show

Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 began on July 21 with Nagarjuna Akkineni as the host. The wait for Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 has come to an end with the show kick-started on July 21 with Nagarjuna Akkineni as the host. The reality show, which is hosting 15 contestants in the Bigg Boss house for the next 100 days, has 7 male and 8 female participants.

Nagarjuna was assigned to pick the first three contestants to enter the Bigg Boss house, following which he picked up three chits that read the names of Shiva Jyothi (anchor), Ravi Krishna (actor) and Ashu Reddy (social media celebrity).

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Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Contestants (Final)

Contestants Name Profession
Shiva Jyothi Actress and Anchor
Ravi Krishna Actor
Ashu Reddy Actress
Jaffar Actor
Krishna Chaitanya Actor
Himaja Actress
Rahul Sipligunj Actor
Rohini Former Model & Actress
Baba Bhaskar South Indian Actor
Punarnavi Bhupalam Actress
Hema Actress
Ali Reza Actor
Mahesh Vitta Actor
Varun Sandesh Actor
Vithika Sheru Actress

The finalized list of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Contestants:

1. Shiva Jyothi

Shiva Jyothi, a news presenter in V6. She is famous and known as Teenmar Savitri or V6 Savithri. She became more famous for her Telangana Slang. Her first tv show with Bithri Sathi gave her a great career. She has done as an anchor and interviewed a few renowned cine celebrities. Now she entered the Bigg Boss house as a first contestant. Hope she stays in the house for a longer time.

2. Ravi Krishna

He is an Indian actress working for Tv serials. He is more active on social media platforms. He updates his daily activities on his profiles. Ravi Krishna now a contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 entered the Bigg Boss house as the second contestant. People who wish him to continue in the home can vote him and save him from eliminations when he is nominated.

3. Ashu Reddy

She is a famous dubsmasher and Tik Toker who posts videos on social media. Ashu Reddy also called as Jr Samantha because in appearance she some times looks like her in some angle. But she never felt so, and she is an American. She is the third contestant who entered the Bigg Boss House. People who like her activities and wish to vote her can check on Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Vote.

4. Jaffar

He is a Journalist who has many controversies on him. Jaffar Babu takes interviews with famous personalities like politicians, Actors, Actress, businessman, and others. He has seen in Mukha Mukhi show, eye Contact, and some other shows. Hope he would survive in Bigg Boss House for more days.

5. Himaja

She is an actress who predominantly seen in Telugu films in the supporting role. Himaja also is known as a Tv Actress who did many serials, and one of the most popular television serial telecasted on Zee Telugu is Bharyamani. She also received new face award by Zee Kutumbam awards which also telecasted on zee Telugu. Now as a stage she is appearing in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. To support her vote to her via Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Vote Online through Hello App.

6. Rahul Sipligunj

He is a Hyderabadi Folk singer who sings in a different slang. He is much passionate about his singing career. His parents support him a lot in every aspect. He also had a vast following among youtube viewers as he does many Music albums and boost on Social media. Rahul Sipligunj worked for many movies as a singer, and his first movie was Josh, which gave him great fame and opportunities. Hope he will entertain all the audience who are watching Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

7. Rohini

She is a Telugu Television actress and is well known for her hyperness. She is talkative and friendly with everyone. Rohini first started her career with Doordarshan and later as an anchor. Now she is seen in the lead role of Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam which is a famous Tv serial telecasted on Zee Telugu. Now for the next 100 days or below, she is going to entertain all the telly audience with her performance.

8. Baba Bhaskar

An Indian choreographer and also who turned into director recently. He is 2019 directed a movie which gave a massive response at the box office. It shows how passionate he is on scripting and directing. Baba Bhaskar called as Baba Master is now a contestant in Bigg Boss. We have to wait how many days will he going to survive in the house. Apart from choreographer, baba master also acted in few films. He received many awards for his great work given by him to the movies.

9.Punarnavi Bhupalam

She is a Tollywood actress who started her career at the age of 17 with the movie Uyyala Jampala. Punarnavi Bhupalam, with her first movie, gained positive feedback and got a chance to work in more films. She now appeared in Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu to prove herself. Her journey with the film industry is very smooth going.

10. Hema

She is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house. Hema entered the house with more confidence and decided to have more fun with her inmates for the next three months. She is the senior-most actress who started her career in the film industry at an early age. She did more than 300 films in both Telugu and Tamil. Hema is a character artist who seen in different roles.

11. Ali Reza

He is an Indian Model and actor who is seen both in films and Tv series. He made his first debut with the film Gayakudu. He got married and has one daughter. Before entering into the film industry, he worked as a marketer for a few years in Dubai. Later he came to India and started a new career as an actor. Ali Reza has an Iran cafe in Hyderabad which is taken over by his family.

12. Mahesh Vitta

His well known in the famous Fun bucket Comedy series. Mahesh Vitta became more popular because of his different slang. He hailed fro Proddutur and completed his MCA in Hyderabad. After his education, he moved into an acting career and marked himself as a comedian. He did many copies for Fun Bucket. He is also now seen as a comedian in few films in Telugu. His first debut movie is Nene Raju Nene Mantri.

13. Sreemukhi

She is a famous Tv anchor and actress seen in Telugu Industry. Sreemukhi is renowned for her Tv shows like Patas. She is known as Rammulamma and had great fame and fan following from the PAtas show. At first, she has seen in films in a supporting role. Later she also did as the le lead role in the movie Prema Ishq Kadhal. Now she is going to entertain the audience with her performance in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3.

14. Varun Sandesh

He got more famous for his works in Tollywood with the films Happy Days and Kotha Bangaru Lokam. Varun Sandesh wife Vithika Sheru is also participating as a contestant in Bigg Boss house. They both entered the house as the last contestants. An American Indian actor who now seen on the Television screen for the next 100 days. Presently he lives in New Jersey, the USA with his wife.

15. Vithika Sheru

She is an actress and model who seen in many movies in Telugu and Tamil. Vithika Sheru in 2016 got married to Tollywood actor Varun Sandesh. Now they both entered into Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 House as a Couple Contestants. She worked as a brand ambassador for a few Tv Commercial advertisements like Jewelry and Fashion brands.

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